Friday, May 4, 2007

Yesterday and some good news

       Good Morning everyone. I hope everyone woke up to a beautiful day. It is so nice here today. Sun is shining, sky is blue and I have a big cup of coffee here on my desk, lol. Rebecca is watching SpongeBob now. Jim woke me up around 7:30 and said he was getting ready to leave. I get up, go to potty, grab me a diet pepsi and go into livingroom. Where do I find Rebecca? On the computer. Jim said she got up at 6:30 and right away headed to the computer, lol. She told her daddy she had to beat me to it. The lil stinker. I kicked her off of it at 8:40. My Turn, lol.

My walk yesterday was a rough one. I only stopped 6 times to rest. It's all uphill when walking to his work, which makes it a little rough on my legs and lower back. I had to go get the van. I had nothing for dinner and Rebecca needed fruit and juice, and I was out of my salad fixings. So, I did a whole weeks worth of shopping while there. But I forgot 1 item. Dish detergent, but I can get Jim to pick some up tomorrow when he goes to the laundry mat.

It was a long day yesterday. The walk, grocery shopping, carrying all the bags up 14 steps, 2 at a time and there was 15 bags, putting it all away, cooking dinner, cleaning kitchen, then I cleaned bedroom, went through all Rebecca's clothes and got a 13 gallon trash bag full of clothes for Goodwill. Then gave Rebecca a bath and got her ready for bed. I sat down, when she was in bed, read about 10 journals, and while talking to my future sis in law I fell asleep. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning here at the computer. Talk about exhaustion, whew, I must of been drained to fall asleep for so long. Nancy knew I fell asleep too, lol. She left an im, girl did you fall asleep again, lol. Yep, I sure did. I told her good night, signed off, took a couple Tylenol Arthritis, cause I know if I didn't I'd be awakened with horrible pain in legs and back. I think I was asleep before my head hit pillow.

Rebecca is sitting here watching her Laurie Berkner DVD. She knows every song word for word. This DVD keeps this child occupied big time. She won't leave the livingroom while it's on. She stays in here and sings and dances. It's the best 20 bucks I ever spent, lol.

Ok, now for some wonderful news. At 8:15 this morning my sister Lucy called me. I could tell she was happy because right away she says, Good Morning Beautiful, lol. Her phone call that early, either meant she won the lottery, kicked someone's butt, lol, or her new grand daughter was born. But it was none of those. She told me she finally found a place to live. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO, I am so happy for her. Living in that tiny camper, with no utilities, and so hot she couldn't sleep, she needed to find a place to live. So this morning she went and paid her deposit for electric to be turned on, and she is moving into a 3 bedroom mobile home. Her 2 youngest kids Jenny and Eric will have their own rooms. Lucy is so happy, knowing her young ones will have a nice place to call home again. She can have her older children and grandchildren over again for family gatherings. Way to Gooooooooo sis, I am so happy for you. Now she'll have a place to keep all these animals people are giving her, lol. No, not dogs. She already had goats, and now has 2 baby twin girl goats from those, but she has been given a horse and a cow. Well a male cow, I guess it's called a bull really. LOL, I laughed when she told me that. But she's an animal lover and if someone wants to get rid of an animal she is right there to take it.

Well, I now have 122 alerts to get too. Dam you people write alot, lol. But I don't mind it. I love reading all about you and your families and what's happening in your neck of the woods, so keep on writing. Since all I have left today is little cleaning tasks that will take about a half hour to do, I can spend the day catching up on journals. So, I guess I will go now, and get breakfast for Rebecca and I, toast and cantalope is on the menu this morning. I hope you all have a great day today. And also, thank you everyone for your continued prayers for my sister. They worked, she has a home now. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love you all.


  1. Hooray! Finally some good news this week. I'm glad lucy found something.
    Have a great day, enjoy the nice weather.

  2. funny that rebecca beat you to the  wonderful news about lucy!!!  very happy for her

  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO LUCY!!!!  Please tell her how happy I am for her!!!  Sounds like you got ALOT done yesterday and now you deserve a rest today!!!


  4. Happy for Lucy! WHOOP WHOOP!!! I know how it can be, really glad she got something.  :)
    You sound like you were super busy yesterday! WOW!

  5. Sounds like you accomplished a whole lot all in one day - Congrats to Lucy! I'm sure she will love the new space and smiles from the kids having their own rooms. Have a wonderful weekend - Take care of you and yours!

  6. ally123130585918May 4, 2007 at 7:51 AM

    So pleased Lucy has found a new home ~ sounds like you have been having a busy time ~ you must have been tired falling asleep at your computer ~ enjoy your catch up day ~ Ally x

  7. I'm so happy she found a place. I still have her darn box. God I suck at mailing things. I have a box full of tea for you to, soon as that nightlight comes in I will fedex it to ya
    Hugs and Love

  8. i'm very happy lucy now has her a place to live...i'm still praying for her i know it is going to take some time to get emotionally as well as physically back on her feet monetarily as well......becca you lil stinker be good to your mommy I love you all muahhhhhh.....back to paul's letter

  9. Congrats to Lucy on finding a home!  Good job!  Now she can settle in and relax.
    You must have been sleepy to fall asleep at the computer! LOL! I did that before.  Sounds like you had a busy day.  Have a good day today.

  10. therealslimemmyMay 4, 2007 at 9:30 AM

    i am so happy for lucy man your entry made me exhausted i need some energy for today i have a sink overflowing with dishes and a messy house
    <3, em

  11. Everythings tickety boo and I am so glad for your Sis,I bet her kids are realy pleased too. I just feel knackered reading your entry today, you have been so busy.
    Have a great weekend.
    Gaz x

  12. Glad your sister has found a place to live. Wonderful news. Where are you getting all your energy? Whew!  
    Have a great weekend.

  13. That is awesome news for your sister.......YAHOOOOOOO!
    that should relief alot of stress and anxiety for her.
    When my daughter was growing up...if you put on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...she was mesmerized...I loved that
    have a great weekend!!!!!

  14. That's great that your sister got a place to live. I'm guessing the trailer is out in the country since she has farm animals? The "cow" if he's been casterated he's a steer and if not and can procreate then he's a bull! Coming from a girl who grew up on a farm and casterated a few bull calves!

  15. Great news for your sister!  Sounds like you had a pleasant day!  Hope you are getting rested up!  Made me tired hearing how many bags of groceries you had, LOL.

  16. have a good weekend:) great news about your sis:)


  17. Hope you have a good rest this weekend Cindy, sounds like you could do with it.  Glad to hear Lucy's news, nice to hear that she is happy.  Hugs, Terry x

  18. i'm glad your sister has a home! That is wonderful news! Hope you arent in pain today. XO lj

  19. I am so happy that Lucy found a new home! Prayers do work, don't they Cindy?
    WIsh I lived closer to you I would have helped you tote those groceries up those steps! May have taken me a while with my bad knee but I would have done it!
    love ya,

  20. It sounded like a beautiful day...but your walk exhausted me...from the way you described it, I had to rest, LOL.  You got a lot done too.  The news of Lucy finding a new place to live was happy for her.  Yep, the alerts keep piling up seems never ending, but that is a good thing in a way...if there was nothing typed, we would not know how you and others are doing...have a great weekend...many hugs,