Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's on the list today?

Good Morning or is it? First I am awakened before 7:am by my child. Get up Mom, I can't sleep!!!!!!!!! I look at clock with one eye open, and it is 6:45. I look at this child standing there beside my bed, and say, Get back in your bed, it is too early. She goes back to her bed. Fifteen minutes later I hear, Well, are you getting up? Grrrrrrrrr. I tell her, No, I am sleeping in a little more. I also tell her, Do you know it is the law that Mommy's have to sleep on saturday. So, I close my eyes again. About 2 minutes later, Miss Smarty Pants tells me, Well, it's sunday so you can't sleep anymore. I tell her I'll get up in a few minutes. Then Miss Smarty Pants says, Well, I can't get up by myself, I might get into something and make a mess. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knowing the history of this child and the messes she can make, I kicked off the covers and got up. Dragged myself into bathroom, splashed water on face. Walked into kitchen grabbed a diet pepsi. Sit down, sip pepsi, and she says, Well, turn cartoons on. Yea right, wake me up early and it is the news until 8:am. And news it was too. And what does she say? Nothing, her butt went into bedroom, climbed in her bed and said she was resting, lol. She's gonna make me get up, so she can get back into her bed and rest? It's gonna be a long day for sure.

It's going on 11:am and I just poured my second cup of coffee. I made a whole pot, cause I know I am going to need every bit of energy I can get today. Every room needs cleaning. Carpet needs vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen floors need mopping, dishes need to be done, clothes need to be folded and put away. Winter clothes have to be packed away. Refridgerator needs to be cleaned out, and washed down inside. Trash needs to be taken out. Beds have to be made. Yep, I need a whole pot of coffee.

Daniel is doing ok, with his chicken pox. The calamine wasn't working as well, so Emma went and bought a Benadryl anti itch cream, used for poison ivy or oak and has been putting it on him. Well, he's not scratching anymore, and running around saying itchy mommy. The bubbles have popped and are scabbing over now. She asked me if we want to come over today. HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I am not taking any chances of Rebecca getting them, or me. I'll just keep my butt in my apartment, stay cool and clean. And when dinner time comes around, I am ordering out. I am craving Spicey brocoli with garlic sauce. And steamed vegetable wontons. There my favorite's in chinese food. Besides after I clean the kitchen, I don't want to mess it up again cooking dinner. Lunch today, very easy. A tossed salad topped with tuna. Rebecca will even eat that.

I decided I want my hair layered. So, if I'm not too tired later today, I will layer it. Yes, I can cut my own hair, lol. Never went to school for it, but I can cut, style, trim, dye, frost, and perm hair. I'll post a before and after pic, if I cut it tonight. I just bought a new pair of scissors too. More coffee is needed, be right back, lol.

@%&*@%$&%@ grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ever step on an aluminum pot lid bottom side up? JEEZ, that hurts. It had to be on floor right? I am gonna hide the lids for sure, lol. Miss Smarty Pants, just told me I should of picked it up so I didn't step on it. Hmmmmm, anyone want a kid? Anyone? Third cup of coffee, should do the trick.

Gonna drink it, fix lunch and get going on chores. I want to have it all done, and Rebecca bathed before sunset. Last night was only a 30% chance of storms and we got slammed from 8:pm until almost 10:30pm with storms. Tonight they say air is very unstable and 40% chance of storms. That alone tells me we're in for another round. I got the candles out just in case. Since I know no one is coming over, I'm keeping my door locked. Too many nuts in this city. And to be home alone with a child, makes me nervous. So locked doors it is. I will open it and lock it again after dinner is delivered.

I have searched and searched for a skirt type thing for my new bathing suit to hide my fat thighs, and I cannot find one. I even went on line to Lane Bryant where I order my clothes. So, I have decided I will make my own. I already have the material, and a sewing machine, so that will be a nice project for me. I also have to finish making the 3 other projects I started for dear friends of mine. I will work on them during the week. Hopefully in the next few weeks I have them done. Two of them will be done for sure, but the third one will take me a while. Itis big.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Gonna have lunch now. I didn't eat breakfast, so lunch is needed. Today is veggie and tuna day for me. Trying to lose this big gut of mine. I'm taking it slow though. I'm not starving myself. That just makes dieting even harder. I'm adding more veggies and fruits, and alot more water instead of so much diet pepsi, which is full of sodium and it makes me retain water during the summer. I can't wait for Jersey tomato's and crabs to come in season. I can make a whole meal with steamed crabs and sliced tomato's.

Hope your all having a great weekend. If your out in this heat, be sure to drink lots of water, and wear sunscreen.

Love to you all...................................



  1. Hey does sound like a rough start to your day!  Maybe when she layed down you should have crawled back into bed for awhile??  She's a rascal, alright! LOL!
    It sounds like you have a VERY BUSY day ahead with all of those chores.  I can't work like that! LOL! I'm lazy. I'll do laundry one day....mop the floors the next....vacuum/dust the next...etc.  For me to EVER have a totally clean house is a rarity. It just doesn't happen unless I'm expecting guests!
    Gonna watch my Rebecca DVD today!!  
    Love you,

  2. Cindy, hope the rest of your day goes smoother, Hugs Lisa

  3. Rough start to your day !!! UGh.
    I love the steamed crab and tomato idea ! YUMMY !
    Have a great day, enjoy dinner.

  4. seraphoflove9001May 27, 2007 at 9:45 AM

    I sure hope your day gets better! :o) I do my own hair too. ;o) I don't trust too many people with my hair...they never listen to me, and then I have hair that I didn't want! ggrrr! :o) I didn't go to school for it either. I just do it. ;o) Dinner sounds great! I might suggest that myself! Yep...stay awaaayyyy from the chicken pox's! Whew! I hope you'll be able to find time to relax for you today! :o)

  5. I've been up since 7 too, gt a bunch of stuff done in the house, caught up on laundry, went to Church....and now I need a nap!!! (lol)  We're heading out shortly for a BBQ/Pool Party at a friends house.  But I REALLY would prefer a nap! (lol)  Guess that will have to wait till tomorrow! (lol)

    Glad Daniel is feeling move staying away from those chicken pox though!!!!


  6. WM had these skirts, black, that went over your bathing suit bottoms. I wouldnt be seen in public without it. They may be sold out. I hate to step on anything that pokes at your toes, ouchie. Its so hot in Ohio. Ugh.
    Love,lisa jo

  7. Your mornings aren't like that everyday??? Boy now you know what you've been missing! Hair is hair, it not that difficult to handle (even though I did go to school to learn that, whoooppiiieeee). I think you'll do a wonderful job! Don't let the cleaning over whelm you.  Enjoy your caffenine time and see where it takes you.  Hope your day is a happy one!

  8. That little girl of yours sure keeps you busy!  I'm glad Daniel is feeling some relief from the chicken pox.  Have a good night.

  9. hey Cindy, sounds like you are having such a fun day!  Hope you enjoy your Chinese.  Sunscreen?  Are you having a laugh? Raining hard here in UK, chilly, windy, dark and miserable.  Hugs, Terry x

  10. what a day:) hope you can cut your hair :) enjoy your day


  11. whewwwww girlfriend ...sounds to me like a very busy day....and tell lil miss smarty pants i'm going to tell her uncle paul on her

  12. that little girl is wayyyyyyyyy too smart!!!!
    have a great memorial day!

  13. You are a talented woman!  I am jealous!!  Making your own swimsuit and you can cut your hair too???

    be well,

  14. Cindy, read back over what you have written about 'Miss Smarty Pants' ya gotta give it to her, she sure is a comedian! I sat here with my coffee trying not to spit it out. Not good at 6 am in the morning!
    I am trying to work out what part of America you live in to have these big storms, The whole of the UK is covered by a massive storm system today, its absolutly chucking it down!

  15. I'll take her!! She will FIT RIGHT in here with my boys :) IT's like reading my own thoughts abotu all the chaos!  I think that is great you can cut your own hair. I cut mine to most the time, but it's obvious I dont' know what I'm doing , I only get away with it because it's so long.

  16. oh man sounds like a start to a rough day i hope that you got your house clean with no problem
    hope you have a good day today

  17. Yum you're making me hungry I love tomatoes too well I like crab cakes I don't think I've ever eat crabs steamed. Nobody likes seafood over here but me and L.A so I don't get to try much. Wow you can cut hair too, sew, cook, clean and handle a wild child on top of all that... now that's a real woman.
    Take care, Chrissie