Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tuesday and Wednesday, Today.

        It's 9:am, 65 degree's outside, cloudy, misty, and looks as though it is going to rain. I don't want it to rain today. I want the rain on saturday, so this dang block party doesn't happen. Yep, another block party already, and there's 2 more following this one. I swear these people just love letting their kids play in the street. So, come saturday, their will be screaming, yelling, kids in street, and a zillion different stereo's going at the same time, each playing a totally different song, and my windows will all be closed so I don't have to hear the crap going on outside. It wouldn't bother me if they knew the real meaning of a block party, but when we have these here on my street, it is always only 2 houses having the damn thing. And we all have to move our cars so these 2 houses can let their kids ride their bikes? Take your kids to the park, there's a bike path for such a thing. But will they? Noooooooo, they'd rather throw a so called block party and inconvienance everyone on the street. They will have the street blocked off from 8am til 8:30pm. Block parties suck!!!!!!!!!!! OK, enough on that subject. It is making my blood boil.

Wednesday I went over Emma's for the day. I took lunch to everyone. Bought the kids Happy Meals, and Emma and I had a chicken sandwich. Emma had Daniel dressed in the cutest lil outfit. I just had to take his picture. Here is my lil man. Check out his pink toes. He has always had the pinkest toes, lol.

And yes, he has my keys too, lol. As soon as I walk in the door, he says MOMMOMMMMMMMMM, phone, keys. I hand them both to him and then I get a hug and a kiss from him. Before I left I put him in his crib for a nap, patted his back a few minutes and he fell asleep.

Yesterday it was so nice outside. Rebecca and I took a walk to the deli. I needed bread and milk. When we got home, we put on her bike helmet and took her bike outside (on sidewalk, not in street) and she rode her bike around for almost an hour. She'd get stuck on a rut or bump in the sidewalk, and yell, Excuse me, can I get a little help here! Man is she bossy. She only crashed into 2 tree's and 1 car, lol. I can see I'll be buying her more shoes over the summer. Because this child refuses to use brakes on bike. Instead she uses the toe of her sneakers, grrrrrrrrrrr. After an hour of bike riding and bossing me around, we came indoors. I did manage a couple pics of her riding her bike.

This is my favorite pic from yesterday. I'm going to use it as a screen saver.

Today, let's just say I wanna jump off the nearest bridge. Just kidding about the bridge. But I am totally frustrated already and it's only 9:30. This child is screaming, yelling, throwing things across the room, and she just now told me she wishes I wasn't here anymore, that she wants it to be only her daddy and her living here and I should leave. Some kid I got huh. I love her dearly, but sometimes...............I need a vacation. Just me alone, no husband, no kids, just me. You ever get those days when things hit you all at once, frustrated, feeling unwanted, neglected, like no one cares the house is a mess and you feel like crap or are in pain and struggling to get things done. If you could see my apartment right now, you'd scream. I have a 6 foot long dresser in my room. On top of that dresser is a box of tools, a pile 4 feet high of clothes, my bathroom is filthy again, Rebecca threw salt all over the kitchen floor this morning while her dad was in there with her, he spilled ice tea mix on table. Could they clean it up? NOOOOOOOOOOOO, Leave it there, Mom will do it. They don't think about the fact it takes Mom extra time to do anything, due to shortness of breathe, legs and back hurting, neck stiffening up due to the pain. I have to go. Emma just called and said Daniel has clusters of little tiny blistards on his legs, face and belly. Sounds to me it's poison ivy. He was a t a ball game yesterday running around near edge of woods where a bunch of weeds were, with his sister, daddy and Uncle Bill. I'm going to stop over there, check him over and go to CVS for meds for him. Take care all, have a great day today.











  1. i love the pic of rebecca in front of the tree it is so pretty..  daniel is so darn cute i love the outfit and yes those tootsies are the cutest  i hope the block party will be shorter than usual.  we used to have them a lot in new york aand the whole neighbor hood would come along with a few carnival rides it was so much fun but i can see why they are not so nice to have by you.  good luck

  2. Hope your day gets better. {{{{ }}}}

  3. Hope your day gets better. Kids sure get in some moods. I hope since mother's day is coming that you get a much needed break from all this stress.

  4. seraphoflove9001May 10, 2007 at 7:36 AM

    Wow...another block party? No way! Geesh! Love the pictures! :o) His toes are cute! :o) Love the colors of the tree with your daughter. ;o) I hope your day gets better. :o)

  5. Cindy, Hi I am new to your journal but I have heard alot of nice things about you from Lisa Jo and Angie, I will put you on my alerts and I have two journals if you would like the links, hope your day gets better, Hugs Lisa

  6. Love the pics of Rebecca on the bike.  So Cute!!!!


  8. What lovely pictures of your little one on her bike.  Moments to treasure Cindy.  Hugs, Terry x

  9. the block party sounds like a drag.....I will pray for rain on the weekend for
    love the pics.....
    you take care of you and try to take some time out just for you!!!!!

  10. Ok, I am praying it rains for you on need a break!!!!  Sorry you're having such a bad day....whip that hubby and little girl into shape and get them to clean the house for you!!  It's Mothers Day on Sunday...tell them you deserve a WHOLE WEEKEND and you are starting it NOW!!!!!! (LOL)


  11. Chad never uses brakes on his bike either..only his feet.
    I love the pics and glad you had a good yesterday. We dont have block parties here...we live on a main road.
    I hope you feel much happier tomorrow. LOVE, lisa jo

  12. The kids are so cute in these pics!  I love the one of Rebecca in front of the pink bush! Too cute!
    Hope your day got better and that lil Daniel was ok.
    Love ya!

  13. Awww, those are some great pics of the kids. Sounds like you had one of those days like I had yesterday. Nobody knows Mom is home...they think it's the "Maid". LOL What IS it with kids and salt. Shaking my head. Hope today got better. Hope Daniel doesn't have poison ivy.  Poor little guy.  Sounds like the day the neighbors have the block party would be a good day to have a picnic, go to the beach and spend the day visiting family and THEIR house. LOL
    Have a good weekend coming up.

  14. awww great pics :)
    We all have those days from time to time. I hope today is better for you!


  15. Great pics, but I'm sorry your daughter at that age, is treating you like that.  Your such a good mom.  She's frustrated at something for sure.  Hope you have a good weekend.

  16. I am late reading this cos of my catch up on alerts, I hope by the time you read this everything is ok, and Rebecca has calmed down, the block party over etc.

    Keep well and keep calm, Gaz :-)