Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rebecca the Magician

Good Morning my dear friends. It is a sunny morning here, with a slight breeze blowing and temps in the upper 50's right now, but will soon be rising to make the day warmer. Rebecca and I are staying home today. I have a few things I want to do here at home. Such as clean and organize kitchen closet, pack away the winter clothes and blankets, mop kitchen and bathroom floors and wash down the window sills in livingroom. They collect so much dirt because I live on a main intersection here in Philadelphia.

This is cute. I just have to share it with you. You all know the trouble I have getting Rebecca to clean up her messes. Well, my Jim has come up with a great idea. He tried it on Rebecca last night and again this morning before he left for work. And it worked!!!!!! So, here's what he has come up with. Rebecca likes to pretend she is a magician. So, Jim gave her one of my wooden spoons and told her it was a magic spoon and it can make things disappear, lol. This kid believes anything her Daddy says. So, last night she had a few toys on the couch and on her table set we just got her. He then tells her, Well, I don't think you can make these toys magically go into your toybox. She says, Oh yea, I can do magic and make them disappear into my toybox!! He says, Ok Prove it. She tells Jim to close his eyes and don't open them until she tells him too. I pretend I don't see what she's doing, heehee. She waves herwand/woodenspoon and says abra cadabra toys go into toybox (off table). And she quietly takes the toys off table and puts them very gently into toybox. Then she says ok daddy open your eyes. He see's the toys are off the table and smiles and says Wow, Rebecca that was great magic. He then says Can you do it again with the ones on couch? She says sure. Close your eyes Daddy, and again she says abra cadabra toys disappear off couch into toybox, and quietly puts toys in toybox, and says ok daddy open your eyes. Jim again smiling, saying wow, I guess you really are a magician. Rebecca says, Yup, I am the Great Rebecca and I can do magic tricks. So, she says Daddy, do you want to see me make myself disappear? He says, Can you do that trick? She says yup I can. He says ok go for it. She tells him, close your eyes daddy. He closes his eyes and she says, abra cadabra make Rebecca disappear, and she runs out of the room. And she yells open your eyes daddy. He opens his eyes and loudly says, wow Rebecca disappeared. He waited about a minute, and said ok where did she go. She yells again, close your eyes daddy. And she yells abra cadabra Rebecca appear in livingroom and she comes running into livingroom. And says open your eyes daddy. When he opens his eyes, she is standing there eatting a chocolate cupcake, and tells him, I used magic to go into kitchen and get a little snack cause all that magic made me hungry. Jim and I cracked up, cause she looked so serious. I laughed so much, my stomach hurt. But I did have a clean livingroom again, lol.

Yesterday I went to my daughter Emma's for a while. Marissa and Rebecca played outside in the yard, and Daniel was indoors with Emma and I. He grabs this little blue block. Emma says, Watch Daniel Mom. He pretends he is pulling up a cellphone antenna, and puts block to his ear, then pretends he is pushing buttons and looks at me and says, I churping Poppop. Then he says into the block, Hi Poppop, Mommom go shopping. Money, van, keys. Bye bye Poppop. It was so cute watching him do that. And he's not done yet. Emma tells him churp Uncle Mike (Dans brother). He pretends to pull out antenna again press buttons, put to his ear and says, it's busy. Emma tells him well tell Uncle Mike to call you. He puts the block to his mouth and yells, Mike, Call me!!!!!!! I swear that boy is just too smart. He watches everyone with their cellphone and churping phones and he knows exactly what to do with them. So far using my cellphone, he has called his Poppop, and his Mommy's phone.

I went to Walmart yesterday. They had an awesome clearance sale on shorts and shirts for Rebecca and sun dresses. I picked her up a few things, got Jim a pair of pants and a couple shirts for our trip to Pittsburgh on June 1st to 3rd, also found a couple shirts for myself and a bathing suit. I always have a hard time finding a bathing suit that I like and that fits and doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Well I got a nice black, white and teal print one for 16.84. Usually they get 32.00 and up for a swimsuit that will fit. I still want to find one of those wrap around skirts for it. I don't like my thighs showing, lol.

Well, I have been informed by this shortlittle person here, that it is now time to fix her breakfast. So, I'd better get to it. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I have 20 alerts to read today, and I will. I'll get my housework done early, get to the alerts then I want to post some more recipes. I haven't done that in quite a while. Take care, and enjoy the day.


  1. Both Daniel and Rebecca are characters, huh? Sounds smart AND funny how she picked up and she had no idea she was cleaning, to her it was magic. Megan loved magic tricks when she was about 8. Glad you got deals at WM.
    LOVE you
    lisa jo

  2. Aren't you so lucky to have Rebecca in your lives what would you and Jim laugh about without her. I love to hear how you and your husband absolutely adore your daughter.. wish more people in the world would understand what a blessing it is to have a child.

    That is to cute about Daniel churping everyone. Kids learn what they see. Kyan has figured out that he can make the telephone ring and then he pretend answers it. KT says he's always calling me she says all I hear him saying is NayNay you coming to Kyan's house? Okay. So I guess that means I said YES...LOL.

    You and me both. I'm looking for a swimsuit. I found a dress type one that is cute I'm gonna get, but I'd like to find a suit with shorts I'm not into showing my big thighs. You got a good deal I'll have to look at our WM when I go. Man they have some of the cutest stuff for girls over here. I would go crazy.

    Hope you have a great day. I'm over here searching for my sour cream banana bread recipe. I have four very ripe bananas that need cooking today. So I'm off to do that, fix a roast, make some pasta salad and some chicken salad for tomorrow.

    Take care, Chrissie

  3. What a great magician you have there !!! I wouls use that to the fullest !LOL
    How cute Daniel is with the imaginary cell phone calls. You should video tape him doing that.

  4. ally123130585918May 23, 2007 at 6:27 AM

    Cindy I loved reading your entry ~ what fun you have with Rebecca ~ loved the disappearing tricks ~ how clever of Jim to come up with such a bright idea ~ :o) ~ Ally

  5. Cindy, I love Jim's idea for Rebecca, Have a great Wednesday, Hugs Lisa

  6. Too funny about the magic spoon.  I wonder if it works for teenagers?? LOL

  7. It sounds so sweet there.  I loved this entry.  Thank you for being such a friend too!  I promise, I will write you slow mail back.  Reading about Rebecca made me smile.  Cute!  Reading about Daniel made me kinda sad because Katie at 3 1/2 years old doesn't have an imagination like that nor does she play like that.  Shows me just how far behind she is.  I'll do something.

    Love you,


  8. How creative one becomes when all else seems to of failed - Good job Daddy!  Your home sound sparklin clean. I know it's a lot of sweat and muscle to get things back in their place, but once it's there, it's easier to keep it that way!  Hope your day is a happy one! Thank you for sharing!

  9. seraphoflove9001May 23, 2007 at 8:55 AM always put a smile on my face! :o) Thank you! :o) Quick thinking on dads part with the spoon! Thats a good idea! :o) Cute too! :o)

  10. oh what fun you have!
    take care an enjoy your day

  11. Tha was so cute about Rebecca! lol ANd hey, do whatever works! I use to with Amanda! lol
    love ya,

  12. That is funny about the cell phone :)

  13. Hi Cindy...I love the story of the "Great Rebecca." Just too funny!  Tell her to magically transport to MY house for a weekend ok??
    I received your package you sent me. I haven't had a chance to watch the DVD...but I will. I wanted to let you know it arrived and thank you so much.
    Love ya MUCH,

  14. Rebecca the magician is a great story..... thanks for sharing it...that is a unique way of getting her to pick things up....
    By the time your grandson hits the age of 10 he is going to want a cellphone of his own.....LOL
    thanks for sharing it all

  15. I might try that trick with the old mans socks, he keeps leaving around!
    Gaz ;-)

  16. Well, that magic will work with Rebecca until she gets bored of it.  But.. hey.. work it while you can, I say! lol



  18. hope it keeps working :) have a good thursday


  19. Hope it continues to work!
    Have a good Thursday :)


  20. I love the magic story and so happy that Rebecca is a magician. Just so cute. Thanks for sharing, made it me laugh.

  21. Oh how I wish that would still work with my kids!!!!  Enjoy each precious day...

    Sending you prayers...

    be well,

  22. What a brilliant idea! That might just work with my granddaughters.  What has worked with them...they are SO ompetitive is that we make it a contest.  Each one gets 5 points for every toy they put away. My son or I  "keep score" & you wouldn't believe how fast they get things picked up. LOL I've been meaning to go to Party City for some inexpensive little party favors for prizes. I think it would mean even more. LOL Tell Rebecca she'll have to keep "practicing" so she will become an even better magician. LOL
    Have a good weekend.