Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rebecca and I

It's 11:30pm, and so very quiet tonight. Rebecca is sleeping, volume on tv is turned down low, and Jim is away for 3 days up to the cabin with Joe. They got up there and found no electric on. Which means no pump for water, no airconditioner, no refridgerator and no tv. LOL, and no coffee in the morning until they go to restaurant and get breakfast. Jim took his sleeping bag to lay on, but he forgot his pillow. Last time he forgot his pillow, his neck hurt for a week.

So, it is just Rebecca and I for the holiday weekend. We can't go to Emma's for risk of getting chicken pox. So, Rebecca and I went to Walmart. I bought 4 huge bath towels on sale for 3.84 each. A pair of clip on sunglasses for my eye glasses. I let Jim use my other pair of clip ons the other day and what he do? He lost them. He bought his own today, when he went to get sneakers. Bought a new frying pan with a glass lid. My frying pans suck. And of course a trip to the toy isle, lol. Rebecca has been wanting the Disney Princess Tea Party set, she saw on tv. Well, I found one. On sale for 9.88. Then she spotted a  basket of plastic veggies and fruits, and said she just had to have it. That item, 3.88. Ok, walking down the isle thinking we're done shopping, she yells, Mommy, there it is and is pointing on the very top shelf. I look up and it's pots, pans, lids and utensils. And their real aluminum ones at that. I tell her no, and she starts crying. But I really need it mommy. I can make you dinner on my stove. Man, this kid is good. I reach up barely touching it with my finger tips. No one around to help. How am I getting this box down? Rebecca hands me a kids broom. Cool, that'll work. Yea right. I knock down box off shelf thinking I can catch it. Wrong idea. Box bounces off my head and falls in cart. All, I can say about that, is thank goodness they weren't made of cast iron, lol. Practically dragged my child out of toy isle, was moving so fast, before I was attacked by anymore toys. Headed towards check-out isles. Walking down cleaning supply isle. Ah Ha, I need some cleaning supplies. Got Windex, and bathroom cleaner. Also picked up a case of bottled water. When it is hot and humid I drink alot of water, and I make Rebecca do so also. Came back home, put things away, and opened all Rebecca's things for her. She played for quite a while, until storm came. Wow, what a storm too. It poured, wind was blowing like it was mad, lightning so bright it lit up the room and thunder loud, very loud. Lost satelite for a bit, and I shut down computer just in case power went off and I lit a couple candles. It finally ended around 10:30.

Jim put both airconditoners in windows, thank goodness. Otherwise, I can't breathe when it's hot and muggy. Weather says sunny hot and humid tomorrow. 90 degrees. It's ok, Rebecca and I will stay indoors in the cool air.

Here I am wearing my new clip ons, and the outfit I got to wear to the wedding reception/BBQ in Pittsburgh next weekend. All, I need now is a flower in my hair and a peace sign necklace, lol. Wonder where my child gets the I hate shoes thing from? LOL. And check out the mirror. I definately needed windex, don't ya think? I need to do something with my hair. Don't know what yet. Maybe have it layered.

And I took a few pics of Rebecca. Well, she made me take them. By the way, she took the one above of me. She's getting good at using my digital camera. So, here she is.



Well, that's about it for now. I am tired and am going to bed. Hope your all having a great weekend.

LOVE TO ALL.............................


  1. what a big, big day the two of you had!!!!!!  
    sounds like a nice quiet night for you!

  2. as a kid i always wanted one of those little shopping carts like the big ones now a days. also wanted a register to pretend i was checking out real groceries. you look so beautiful Cindy:) enjoy your weekend


  3. Sounds like you had a really good day! In that 2nd picture of Rebecca she is looking more like you!  Give her a hug from her Auntie Pam!

  4. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Rebecca is a little spitfire ,so cute. My kids had those veggies too...i can guarantee you i picked them up a million times! I hope Joe can enjoy his time at the cabin!

  5. Wow, that heat would do me in......... Well let me tell ya, in England today, its absolutley chucking it down, I mean like unreal. Oh I forgot, its a holiday weekend, it ALWAYS rains on a holiday weekend!

  6. Loved hearing about your escapades in the toy isle.  In fact, love reading your posts on Rebecca as it brings back so many fun memories of when my girls were young.  LOL.  I'm glad he got the A/C in for you and you'll be able to keep cool.  I'm thinking the layered look would be lovely for your hair, and the color of your outfit is a good color on you.  Very nice!

  7. Your outfit is lovely Cindy.  Got to laugh at you and Rebecca at Walmart ... yes, she is good ... can't wait to see what she is like as she gets older and starts liking designer stuff.    Hugs, Terry x

  8. You look Fantastic, I love that outfit!!!!!!  I remember when I had a basket of play foods, that stuff is so cool. And I know what you mean about the toy isle, I have that same thing happen when I take Eric , ughhhhh. Blood Suckers I call them :)

  9. I avoid the toy isle !!! I love that outfit. I love brown. I hate shoes also, would go without all the time if I could.
    Stay cool

  10. Hi Cindy, loved your outfit you look great.  Yes I remember it well taking the children to Toys-R-Us they used to go bonkers.  Especially my son Julian he always knew what he wanted and nothing else would do, he was a nighmare.  What he wanted was always the most expensive thing. His saying was "don't buy me anything unless it can do something" I remember it well. Have a great girly weekend without the boys.  Raining here and very windy too. bye for now Kathie.

  11. You look sooo nice! Love the new outfit. :) Hair, hmmmm, either a nice upswept do, or a layer cut then curl with heat rollers or curl iron. :)
    Great escapade at the toy store! LOL
    Glad the a/c is on. Rain & stormy weather here too.

  12. Your beautiful!!!!! If you like to pull your hair up in ponytails, having it layered makes that task alittle harder, although I think it would look really nice layered! So happy Rebecca was able to get her kitchen together.  So what was for dinner?
    I hope you stay nice and cool and enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend! Take care of you and yours!

  13. ally123130585918May 27, 2007 at 7:45 AM

    What did Rebecca do for your Lunch :o) sounds like you both had a good time in WalMart ~ hope you both have a lovely holiday weekend together ~ Loved your photograph ~ Ally x

  14. seraphoflove9001May 27, 2007 at 8:24 AM

    You look nice! ;o) I have that same top! :o) I love it! I think your hair would look nice in layers! Thats how I have mine anyways. :o) It's so much easier to take care of too. ;o)

  15. Cindy, enjoy your time with Rebecca, hope your head is ok after those pans fell on you, Hugs Lisa

  16. Imagining the the box falling on you!! LOL.  Our storm fizzled out last night.  What a dissapointment for me.  Love the pics.  I really like your outfit you got for the wedding.

  17. I could just imagine that box of pots and pans falling on your head and then straight into that cart! lol  I know it wasn't funny, but the way you told it, cracked me up!


  18. You and Rebecca I hope have a great holiday weekend together. I hope Jim gets his coffee.

  19. Your outfit is cute and you look cool in those shades. Glad you got your air conditioners in John will be here in the morning to go buy me some and put them in. He said early so I hope he keeps his word.
    Take care, Chrissie