Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rebecca's choice on furniture

Rebecca has chosen her furniture for her bedroom. And may I add I think she has made a great choice too, lol. She chose it because she likes the bed, lol. And wants a top covering/canopy so it looks like she is under a tent she says. Kmart has this furniture, and it is on sale this week. So, monday I will be going to kmart and putting it all on layaway. I can pay on it every weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I will do the bi-weekly one. Now all I need to do is move so she can have her own bedroom for all this furniture. I am having no luck at all in finding a house to rent. We may have to settle for an apartment complex. But I will want a first floor apartment with a patio, washer and dryer hook ups and a dishwasher, lots of closet space too. And I want it in a better area. Here is a couple pics of the furniture she wants for her room.

And this is a extra surprise for her I want to get.

I'd better go now. I want to get some things done, before Daniel gets here. Like sweep and mop my kitchen floor. Hope you all have a great weekend.


PS, nieghbors are up, outside yelling, sweeping sidewalk, knocking on peoples doors to move their cars, and guess what, it's only 1 house doing this. I'll take pics during the day, so you can see it all. Where's my Tylenol, I'm gonna need it today for sure, lol.

Love ya........................................CINDY


  1. Gorgeous furniture! I was 13 when i got my first set that matched and i am 38 and STILL have a few pieces. Good luck babe, with the noise.

  2. seraphoflove9001May 12, 2007 at 7:05 AM

    I love it!!! :o) What a good choice! :o) And what a great surprice too! :o) You're great! :o)

  3. ally123130585918May 12, 2007 at 7:51 AM

    Rebecca has chosen her furniture well ~ it is so pretty and girly ~ love the extra surprise you have in store for her ~ Look forward to seeing pics you are going to take later ~ Ally x

  4. well my niece really does have excellent taste in choosing bedroom furniture.....she'll really like the vanity you're getting her

  5. Cindy, I like the furniture, tell Rebecca she made good choices !!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  6. I always wanted furniture like that when I was small. She's got good taste in furniture! LOL!

  7. The furn is beautiful! Wish I had a pretty bedrm like that!
    Hugs, Sug

  8. I saw you had two entries, so I popped over to this one after reading the first!
    I sure hope it rains! I hate loud neighbors! I cant believe they are the only ones parting like that .
    The furniture is gorgeous, she will sleep like a princess.

  9. So can you buy the canopy part for the bed??? I like the furniture, nice bright & clean looking. Very girlish :)
    Hope your night hurries by, I dont' blame you , I woudl be annoyed with the Block party to.

  10. The furniture is really sweet.  Now then Cindy, I bet you are out there dancing later on!!  Hugs, Terry x

  11. It's beautiful.  Fit for a princess!

  12. I will keep praying for the rain......
    the furniture looks too cool for lil girls....
    I hope your day with your lil guy is great!!!!

  13. LOL now I know why you said hope it rains. I'm reading backwards. LOVE THE FURNITURE. She'll be so surprised. Hope you get it all. Sorry no luck on the rental. I know you wanna move very soon. Happy Mother's Day.
    Take care, Chrissie

  14. can't beleive people would actually move their cars for this persons' party. I also don't understand this roping off the street thing, if my neighbors did that here someone would call the cops, its illegal to block off a street. In my town when you have a big party and its going to involve the street you have to have a permit and hold it in the park. I don't like parties anyway.

  15. hope the neighbors quieted down and good luck finding a new place rebeccas got great taste!!! i cannot wait until she has a new room full of her new furniture :)