Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Special Request

From a J-Lander ~ A Bit of Cheer Needed~

Angie, if you still do the giving tree can you post my message below.  :-)  I was waiting to see if you were online but I gotta go get these rugrats in the tub.  Thanks!

Hi everyone!  A close friend's mother in law has terminal cancer and is now on hospice.  They are not sure how much longer she has.  2 weeks, 2 months or a year.  No idea. My friend would like to shower her in cards to cheer her up and make her feel a little bit better.  She is also asking that all cards be sent next Monday (the 14th) so they will all arrive at basically the same time.  If you can spare a few bucks for a card, please help her out.  And please NO get well cards.  Just "thinking of you" cards would be great or inspirational ones.  If you can do this, leave a  comment and I will send you her address.

If your able to do this, even a post card would be great or a short note :) Email me at for the mailing address :)

Ok, I'm am reaching out to all of you JLand Angels. Above is a request that I feel is so worth the few dollars it cost for a card. When I received the alert for the Giving Tree request, I had no second thoughts. I emailed Angie and asked for the address. Today while I was out I picked up a card for this special lady who is in need of some cheering up. It is signed, stamped and addressed and next monday in the mail it goes. If you can do this for this special lady in need of just a little cheer and happiness inside the card when you sign your name, also add JLand Angel. Let's show this lady just how awesome our JLand family is and how much we care. Click on Angie's email link and ask her for the address.


  1. let me know what i can do

  2. Getting a card tomorrow.

  3. seraphoflove9001May 11, 2007 at 7:37 AM

    Card is out today! :o)

  4. Cindy, got a card ready to send, Hugs Lisa

  5. Cindy, I am more than a little late for this, I hope she got all her cards. I will say a little prayer tonight.