Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pics and Pics

Block party my butt!!!!!!!!!!! It was an excuse to block off entire street so she can have a party for her kid. I don't mind the party for her kid, but do you have to lie and say it's a block party? It's the same house where people are in and out of all times during the day and night, same house with a 52 inch TV in livingroom, same house that goes shopping twice a month when food stamps come out, same house where both mother and father don't leave for work. Hmmmmmm, makes me wonder. And she has a computer and makes up all the notices to move cars before 8:am cause street is blocked off. And each time there's a so called block party, it's one of her kids birthday's. And one of the songs played, very loudly I might add had the words, Come on bitch, come slap this monkey. Now this is a birthday party for a 4 yr old boy, about 30 kids out there and this song is playing? Paaaaaaaaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!!!!!! All I can say is, there is some sick people in this world.

So, earlier, it got dark, a little windy. lightning and thunder but no fricking rain. When did it rain? It rained at 8:20pm, 10 minutes before the rope came down blocking the streets. I have decided I am going to learn how to do a rain dance, lol. People were stopping and yelling, Some block party, hahahahahahah, get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways I had a nice visit with Daniel. Jim had taken Rebecca out with him, so it was just Daniel and I. I took him outside for a little walk, took a few pics, and as we were walking up to the gate at the ramp, Jim and Rebecca pulled up. I didn't get slippers, but I got a pretty card and a candle from Rebecca. Emma came over to get Daniel around 8:30pm and she showed me her mothers day present, Dan got her a diamond necklace, it is so beautiful. I'm a little jealous, I think. But I am happy for Emma. Dan really loves her alot. Tomorrow I will go and buy my own slippers. Maybe I'll buy myself a new nightgown too!! Guess I will go now. I have to go on line and order my outfit for this wedding reception we're going to in Pittsburgh on June 1, 2, 3. I got a magazine with 25% off sale, plus an additional 20.00 off coupon. With that savings I can afford to get shoes too. Heehee, why not, it is Mother's Day.

I told Jim he is taking me out to dinner tomorrow night, because this Mom is not cooking, is not cleaning, is not doing nothing except sleeping later if I can, and parking my big butt here at the computer, lol. So to all you ladies out there who are Mom's and Grandmom's, I hope you get spoiled tomorrow.

Love to all............................CINDY


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my journal, I remember when I was young and we had BLOCK partie, but they was real fun every neighbor was out on sidewalk cooking up something and the kids was runing from house to house getting all the sweets we could, lol the good ole days, I am adding you to my alerts, thanks again for all your kind words  Deanna

  2. That doesn't sound like any block party I ever went to! GRRR
    Have a nice day tomorrow!

  3. my mom is getting spoiled toooooooo much right now...she will be home monday or tuesday

  4. Happy Mothers Day:)


  5. Happy Mother's Day to you! Enjoyed your pictures!

  6. Cindy, Happy Mother's Day to you !!!!!!! Great pictures, Hugs Lisa

  7. happy Mothers Day Cindy Hope that you have a wonderfull day, Lovely photos thanks for sharing them
    Love Lynne xx

  8. The pictures are great Cindy .... wow that block party was rocking!  Hugs, Terry x

  9. That was a lame block party~  What a nice time with your favorite little man.
    Happy Mother's day ! Hope you get your slippers.

  10. Well glad the party finally ended!  More glad you enjoyed your time with Daniel!  Hope you find some comfy slippers!  I need to go casual shoe shopping.  My slippers just disappeared one day and never came back, and I'm missing one flip flop.  It don't figure. LOL  Hope you have a wonderful Mom's day!  God Blessings to you!

  11. In the 12 years we have been here we haven't had a block party ever, and frankly I'm grateful for it.  I have only been to one and it was a REAL one, tables a mile wide, food everywhere, and that is what they are SUPPOSE to be, so I'm with you on this so called block party on your street, what a joke and a waste of closing the street down.
    Go get your slippers today!!!!
    Love you, happy mothers day

  12. Saw the block, no party!  Your kids looked too, and hubby.  Hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day...enjoy...

  13. It's early Sunday morning here and I am on Dirk's computer again.  I just wanted to say that I got your snail mail and am THRILLED!  I will be writing you back!  When you meet Jeanne, give her a big hug for me.  I enjoyed these pictures and I can see what you mean about that weird strange neighbor.  Inappropriate song choices for a child.  I can't imagine as a mother doing that.  I hope you get your slippers.  And your nightgown.  Haven't gotten one of those in years!  Show us pictures of the dress you get for the wedding reception too, please.
    Love you,

  14. I would think you'd need a permit to block off the street.....  :::sigh:::  Great pictures!!   Happy Mother's Day

  15. seraphoflove9001May 13, 2007 at 3:46 PM

    I loved the pictures! Too cute! :o) In this town, if your going to have a block party, you have to actually have a block party...not in those pictures! I wonder who they know? Hmmm?

  16. you didnt get the slippers?!  OH NO.  Cinderella MUST have her slippers at the end of the night. What a joke about that block party. Those jokers sound like drug dealers to me.

  17. slightly suspicous when people dont actually work but have a lot of creature comforts for no obvoius reason, alot of that in britian too, immigrants with 4 cars??strange.....Beckie.

  18. I love the little one's tattoos!!  So cute.