Wednesday, September 27, 2006



As I sit here in my very noisey livingroom, listening to the sounds of the movie Fat Albert playing on HBO, and the arguing coming from Rebecca and Marissa, all I can think about is how much I would love to be sitting in the park right now under a tree. It would be so peaceful there this time of day. I could watch the squirrels gather acorns and carry them off to where they will be stored for the winter. Seeing the leaves blowing in the tree's with their magnificent colors of red, orange and yellow. Watching a couple walk hand in hand down the path between the tree's, stopping every so often for a romantic kiss or comforting hug. A group of kids playing basketball on the courts across the grounds, or a child playing on the swing. How peaceful that would be, if all that were seen right now. But heck who am I kidding? I would be scared to death sitting under a tree alone enjoying all this. Especially at the park near me. It's full of rowdy teenagers, smoking pot or cigarettes, yelling at the younger kids, or teasing an elderly person. Or walking around begging for cigarettes from people they don't even know. Broken bottles, smashed lighter's and cigarette buts all over where the little one's play. It's horrible there anymore. Marissa and Rebecca ask to go to the park all the time, but we don't take them much anymore. The park is over run by hoodlum's as I call them. Out of their parent's sight and causing mischief. No more can I go to the park and enjoy watching the little one's play so freely. It has come to the point where you have to be on guard constantly, watching your children, holding onto your belongings for fear they will be stolen. Being careful where you walk because the Curb your Dog signs are ignored. Don't get me wrong, dogs are nice, but when they use the park as a bathroom and littles one's are playing, running and rolling in the grass, please obey the signs to clean up your dogs mess.

So, I have no idea why I wrote this entry, lol. I'm bored I guess. But it is true about the park near me. All this does go on. And it's a real shame there is people in this world ruining what could be a beautiful place to sit and relax.

I will go now, I have to fix dinner. Jim is'nt home yet. But Uncle Joe is coming up for a spaghetti dinner with us. I will save Jim's dinner in the microwave for him to have when he get's home. Take care all and have a relaxing evening.







  1. Wow, that park sounds terrible!

    I hope you do find somewhere to go that you can have some peace and quiet though.

    By the way, all of the clip-art images you've been posting are just lovely!

    Enjoy your evening.


  2. That park sounds terrible! GRRR
    Hugs, Sug

  3. It's a shame when you can't go to your nearby park and enjoy it!  Have a good night.

  4. glad jim has a job:) its sad when you can't go to the park anymore:( hope you all can move soon


  5. well that's to bad about the park. It should be fun for the little ones not the big kids. I hope you all enjoy your dinner.

  6. yesyou areright this world most certainly has gone to the hoodlums and the gangs nobody is safe anymore......where ohwhereis our worlds peace gone to?...good entry ya nancy

  7. I would be tempted to do a neighborhood watch and take back the park.  That would be so infuriating.  Those babies want to be able to play.  And the people not taking responsibility for their dogs is unacceptable.  They should lose their dogs for such a thing. Enjoy the spaghetti.  I think that's what I'll make tomorrow.

  8. I live across the street from a big park. We have our hoodlums...but they generally keep to themselves. The cops have been good about cracking down on the stuff that can go on here.  So it's remained a nice place to go.  But, it has it's moments, too!  I wish you lived here....I'd bring you to "my park." The girls would enjoy it.

  9. Cindy,
    I don't blame you for not taking the kids to that park. I guess we're lucky here and can go to ours. I'm picky about where I take Kyan anyway just because you never know.
    Take care, Chrissie