Tuesday, September 5, 2006


When I went to the specialist again after the 2 weeks of being on that prescribed medication, there was a significant change in the lump. It did'nt get smaller, in fact it doubled in size, again. I was feeling a sort of stiffness in my neck. The doctor decided on a needle biopsy, which was performed right there inhis office. Well, let me tell you, that sucker hurt. I held onto the arms of that chair, so tight I could of ripped them off if my grip was any tighter. He stuck the lump at least 12 times, extracting fluid, which he put into a container of some other fluid. When it was over, my neck was throbbing. I had to sit for 15 minutes before I was able to leave his office, he said. I was given another appointment for a week later. He said he should have the results of the biopsy by then.During that week the lump was still growing, and my neck was sore and so stiff. It hurt to turn my head. I tried using my heating pad to make the stiffness go away, but it did'nt help any. My next appointment to the specialist came finally. I was told the needle biopsy was inconclusive. And a few white cells had been found. Ok, I said, so what do we do now? He says he wants to admit me into the hospital for same day surgery go into my neck and remove a small piece of the lump and get better results on what is going on in my neck. I was to have blood work, and EKG and a cat scan first, which I did. I picked up the film of the cat scan 3 days later and dropped it off to the specialists. The next day I received a call on when and where to go for the biopsy. When that date came I was there at 7:am. I was given a gown to put on, an IV in place after an hour of searching for a good vein, grrrrrrrrrr I have horrible veins, and a dye injected into the IV. About 30 minutes later I was wheeled down to surgery. Another injection and it was lights out. They said the surgery took about an hour. A 2inch incision had been made directly under the lump and they removed a small piece for testing. I was stitched, and taped. I awoke in the recovery room, very groggy, with my daughter sitting next to me in a chair. I was made to stay until they could make sure there was no complications afterwards, and that I was able to swollow food and fluids, which I could. I was so glad to go home. Two weeks after the surgery I was called to return to the specialists office the following day. I was a nervous wreck. Panic attacks galore, shaking. I was fed up not knowing what was going on in my body. My heart was racing and I felt a shortness of breath. It if were'nt for my daughter who was driving me back to see the specialists, I think I would of just said to hell with it and turned around and came home. Sometimes I wonder who the Mom is, me or Emma. Man is she bullheaded. She firmly said, Mother we're going, so calm down!!! When I finally saw the doctor, there was no news. The biopsy was again inconclusive. He said something is going on in your neck, but these biopsys and scans are not showing anything conclusive. Ok, so what now? I said. Well, I think we should just go in and remove the entire lump. Ok, When? He would call me with the details. A week later I was admitted into the hospital at 7:30am. I changed into that ugly hospital gown again, another IV installed after they searched forever for a good vein. I was then wheeled down to surgery. Another injection and it was lights out. I was told the surgery took approximately 5 and a half hours. My blood pressure had risen so high during surgery that I had to be given something to bring it down. The lump was removed, and staples were put into my neck. The incision this time went from the behind the back of my head to the front of my throat. The lump they removed had grown to the size of a large lemon. And they were 100% sure that it was all removed. I was wheeled into recovery then.

Part 3 either tonight or tomorrow morning.


  1. OMG,.........I just can't believe it can be that hard to diagnose.  You know, I strongly feel that if it was my dr. he would put a lid on the case :(  This is just so frightening that it can go under the radar with all this stuff :(

  2. TY for sharing this!
    God bless, Sugar

  3. How come they don't have empathy for what the patient is going through?  All that waiting and wondering and still inconclusive.  So glad you all didn't take that for an answer.  Look forward to hearing the rest of what happened.

  4. Thanks for sharing Cindy ~ Ally

  5. Cancer is so sneaky. No wonder people a long time ago never knew they had it. Look at all the problems they have now days diagnosing. Glad you were able to find doctors that actually wanted to help you out.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. OMG that thing grew to the size of a LEMON?? WOW!!  Can't wait for more entries.  I feel so sorry you had to go thru all of this.  But, you're a tough lady, and you are here today to tell the story because of it.  

  7. Reading both entries at once...and seeing all you have been through...so sorry Cindy...my prayers and thoughts are with you always...will be looking for your next entries...hopefully, they will be sent by alertS!
    Hugs and lots of love,

  8. Oh my gosh, all the waiting, so long between visits, and procedures.

  9. Unbelievable!  The size of a lemon!!

  10. Oh wow...  that must have been so painful, not to mentiion stressful.  All that waiting and wondering.


  11. omg how awful and scary. So sorry for all you had to go through.

  12. The pain was bad enough, I am sure.....My gosh, I know you had to have been so scared too...I am so sorry you had to go throght all that...
    love ya,

  13. Size of a lemon?? WOW!

  14. That is so large... It must have been so uncomfortable