Friday, September 1, 2006

Here Comes the Rain

 Rainy   YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's raining and I am loving it. Cause when it rains the neighborhood is quiet. Nothing works better at keeping the noise makers and trouble makers indoors than a good ol' rain drenching. These teenagers around here are outdoors until well after midnight, screaming, yelling, cursing, breaking bottles, running in front of traffic daring the vehicles to hit them, cars holding down on their horns to make those kids move. Philadelphia, city of brotherly love, hah yea right. I ain't seen any brotherly love here. Is it love when a young girl is being raped, a couple tries to save her and they are shot and killed trying to save the poor girl? That happened last night here in Philadelphia. Thank goodness they caught the rapist/murderer. We have had over 260 murders in Philadelphia so far this year. Is'nt that awful? It gets any worse, they'll have to bring in the National Guard to help patrol our streets. All, I can say is, "COME ON TAX TIME, I WANNA MOVE." My hubby has been checking out places, and one place in particular he has become very fond of, and that is Lancaster, Pa. He said the area is beautiful. And a plus is the company he works for has a branch there, so he can be transferred there if we decide to move there. I keep telling him I need newspapers from that area, so I can check on things in that area, but he keeps forgetting and sometimes he's not around that area. But if I check on line I'm sure I can find a website of a local paper in Lancaster, to read on line. We want a 4 bedroom house on a nice sized lot, so we can have a garden, pool, swingset for the kids. Dan and Emma want to move with us and we'll all share the expenses which is great cause that means we can get a really nice place. Well, I've ranted enough. I'm just trying to pass time until my hubby gets home. He called me earlier for the list of things I want from the store. I'm making a Taco Salad for dinner. Mmmmmmmmm, yummy!!!!!!!!!!! He was happy to go to the store after work for my groceries, cause he knows he's getting a real treat with that for dinner. Well, those of you getting all this rain, please stay safe and dry. Don't go out driving unless it is an emergency!!!

 Thank you Missie for my beautiful name tag. I love it!!!!!!!! You do such wonderful work.


  1. omg i would go crazy. my neighbors are like that also but they are only out seanonal, they are inside most of the winter so as soon as the summer starts it is so loud and noisy around here. i would love to call the cops but then i remember they are just being ungrateful obnoxious

  2. I can't believe the horrible violence that goes on. It's everywhere!  I feel bad for that couple that was killed. That's why people don't get involved anymore.  Sad.
    I do hope you move to a house you enjoy. What you want sounds wonderful!  I hope you get it!
    Enjoy your dinner, it sounds yummy!  And enjoy the rain!

  3. It's bad here in Atlanta, but not that many murders as in Phillie.  You ought to think of moving here.  The houses aren't as expensive and are gorgeous too.  lol No I'm not a realtor.  I just was hoping for a new neighbor.  We haven't had enough rain either, but had a thunderstorm yesterday.  Hooray!  I love taco salad too.  

  4. have a great weekend


  5. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee and ya sissy....nancy

  6. Darlin.. I cannot read your entry today, because the words are too small! lol  Seriously.. they really are.  That font is for people who have young, vibrant 20/20 vision!  I can barely read it with my 150+ glasses from WalMart!  
    I did want you to know that I was here though! :)

    Love you

  7. Glad you are enjoying the rain ~ I do hop you can move soon to somewhere nice and peaceful ~ violence seems to be taking over in some of our Citys in England ~ Ally

  8. Glad to hear that it rained for a neighborhood! I hope you'll be able to move. :o)

  9. We got lots of rain out of Ernesto...we needed it too!  Glad you got the rain too..
    Yes, moving sounds like the right thing to do...we may be moving next year ourselves, to the country.  Love Missies tag, I have one too!!!!  With many more to come!
    Hugs and love,

  10. I agree, Philly has become really rundown and terrible in the past decade or so... Lancaster, PA is beautiful though, I completely understand why your husband loves it. That'd be a wonderful place to live.

    Hope everything works out for you, and have a great day!


  11. I hope you can move soon.
    Take care, Chrissie

  12. A move sounds nice.  Big change, but one for the good I hope!