Monday, September 4, 2006



In July of 2004 I awakened one morning to feel a soreness in my neck. Upon rubbing the area I noticed a lump about the size of a nickel in the upper part of my neck towards my ear. At first I thought well, my gland was swollen or maybe it was an infection from my ear or an abcessed tooth. Then I decided I'd better make an appointment and go see my doctor. You see cancer runs in both my parents sides of the family. I have lost many relatives due to cancer, I was'nt taking any chances with my health, especially since I had a small child and a grand daughter. I lost my own mother in 1970 to cervical cancer. So, I made my appointment and I was lucky enough to get into see the doctor 3 days later. I was weighed, had blood pressure checked, and had blood taken, 3 tubes. The doctor came into the room, and after a dozen questions he checked my neck. He had no idea what it was at that time. He said it could be a cyst, or some type of infection so he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic that has a medicine in it to dissolve cysts. He then wrote a referral to an Ear Nose Throat specialist, and wanted me to make an appointment to go see him. I called the specialist the following morning and a week later I had my first visit with him. When I first arrived I filled out a bunch of forms, gave my insurance cards to be copied, and paid my 15.00 co-pay. I was given a hearing test, blood pressure checked, and then put into a room with a big chair and a huge machine with a tv on it. Well, I knew it was'nt a tv, I just said it looked like one, lol. Doctor comes in, says results of my hearing test show I am using only 67% of my hearing in that ear. He then checked my throat, my ears with his gadgets, and sprayed the inside of a nostril. It made it numb. He put a long wire which had a yiny tiny tiny camera on the tip of it into that nostril and down to see if he could see anything, I watched it on that tv screen. Ewww, you do not wanna know what's inside your nose, yuck. I told him when I first noticed the lump, it was the size of a nickel, now it was thesize of a quarter. He said he fels as though it could possibly be a cyst, and was gonna give me a stronger medication to try and dissolve it, and in 2 weeks for me to come back and see him. I got the medication on the way home, 2 pills a day for 12 days. I thought ok, 2 doctor's have told me now that it looks to be like a cyst, so most likely that is what it is. I felt better hearing that. I took the medication faithfully, never missing a dose. But it was'nt working, the lump was now double the size of a quarter and you could see it sticking up from my neck. I felt so embarrassed going out to the store, people staring at my neck. I felt like a total freak. Why me? I kept asking, Why me?

Part 2 I'll post tomorrow morning.



  1. Now you have me checking my neck for lumps.  I can't wait to read the rest of the story.

  2. OKay... you have my complete and utter attention.  Can't wait for the next part!


  3. Can't wait to read the upcoming entries. I didn't get enough!

  4. I'm hanging on waiting for me.  Intriguing.  We're going to find out how strong you've been I think.  A true survivor.  

    LOVE YA,

  6. Looking forward to next part ~ Ally

  7. <~~On the edge of my seat.  However I would be so afraid when it was getting bigger, NOT smaller :(   Did you feel okay other then that??? Did you notice your hearing was different in your ear? Was your only sign at that time the lump???

  8. Wonderful entry...TY for sharing your story with us.
    Hugs, Sug

  9. Isn't it funny how most of the time it starts with the sore throat or lump around there. I worry about KT because her throat constantly swells and thats how my niece started her cancer at 15 with a swollen sore throat. Thank you for sharing your story with us all. Can't wait to here the rest of the story. I'm just glad I know the ending to this story and you're here to tell us.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. good thing you followed up with all the doctors.

  11. OH people can be really hurting even if they dont mean to be

  12. Your writing catches me interest completely, Cindy.  Looking forward to Part 2.  I am so glad you were followed up another specialist too often family doctors just shrug something like that off and dont send u to have it further investigated, good for your doctor.


  13. I think Im hooked on your story. you are a very good and detailed writter
    Love Christine