Thursday, September 14, 2006

Things a Daddy will do for their little girls

Jim as I write this is at Toys R Us right now trying to find a giant rubber Alligator for Rebecca. She told him that's what she wants for her birthday. LOL This kid is too much. I told him if he can't find one, look for a giant turtle or that talking BBQ set. She loves that set. I had to drag her out of the toy store one day screaming cause she wanted it so bad. So lets see what Daddy comes home with. He called and said he was looking at little kids laptop computer's, I told him yea right this kid works our computer like a pro, what she gonna want with a kids computer, lol.

I talked with my daughter Emma this morning. Marissa had a good night and woke up this morning and said she was hungry. So that's a good sign she is on the mend. Emma fixed her some scrambled eggs and toast. Marissa ate it with no problems and kept it down. I am so glad, cause that sweet babygirl had her Mommom in a frazzle, lol. I spoke to Marissa this morning, she said she had a good night time nap, lol, and then said, "I love you Mommom". Awwwwww, she melts my heart.

Guess I better go now. Got to get dinner started. Have a great evening.

Love ya,



  1. lol isn't it funny how little girls and older ones too know how to work their daddies:) glad marrissa is doing better. what are you having for dinner? we are having chicken and corn


  2. great to hear that everything is ok with marissa.. i hope the alligator hunt goes well

  3. Good to hear that Marissa is on the mend!


  4. Glad that Marissa is doing good. Helen

  5. I am so happy to hear Marissa is feeling better and better.  rebecca has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger I think.  lol  Good for her too. : )

  6. Glad to hear Marissa is on the mend.

  7. Way to go.. Daddy! Glad Marissa is doing so much better. You're an ole softie like me when it comes to your grandchildren. Don't you just love to hear all those I love yous. I can't get enough of those kisses and hugs from my boy.
    Take care, Chrissie

  8. So glad to hear she is feeling better!!!

    Have a great weekend.....Liz