Monday, September 18, 2006

A Long Day

If I prayed long enough do you think Calgon would come and take me away? Cause I really need a vacation. I am so tired today, I fell asleep at the computer. Rebecca woke me up and said wake up mom, we gotta go to the store. Grrrrrr, yep as tired as I am we walked to the store. I had to go anyways, I was out of diet pepsi, and man did I need one. I haven't had any coffee yet today either. Just didn't feel like drinking any this morning. I'll probably make a pot tonight after dinner. I just put Rebecca down for a nap. I was going to let her stay up, but I changed my mind. Mommy needs some quiet time.

I got dinner cooking. Making a roast tonight. Not using the oven though, it's too hot in kitchen. So, I'm making it on top of the stove. I brown it all over in a pan with olive oil. Add boiling water to cover it, then bring it to a nice boil, lower heat to just below medium and add black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, parsley and a few dashes of Adobo, cover and let cook. When it's done it will be so tender you don't need a knife to cut it. And the broth I make a gravy with that. Leftovers, hubby will make sandwiches for work tomorrow. Gonna fix mashed potato's, peas and a cucumber salad to go with it. And when dinner is over and kitchen is cleaned, I am locking myself in the bathroom, in a hot bubble bath with a couple lit candles and relaxing. Oh yea, and putting up the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. No hubby's or kids allowed in, lol. My back is still hurting. I think I did pull a muscle. Hot bath will be good for that.

I took all the birthday decorations down this morning. October 3rd is another party. My grand daughter Marissa is gonna be 5 years old. And get this, I have been elected to use the cake pan set again, because Marissa wants a rainbow cake. Ok, that's gonna be a project. She wants the cakes to be red, blue and purple and the iciing to be all in colors of the rainbow. She does'nt ask for much does she, lol. All I can say is, I will try. If it turns out nice, yes I will post a pic of it, lol.

Have you ever heard of Smore's Bisquits? One of the guys who was here for Rebecca's birthday, (Brad) a friend of Jim and Joe's. Made them here last night. Let me tell you they are really tasty.

He uses already made bisquits that you buy in a roll, 10. Cuts them open places a large marshmallow and a chunk of chocolate bar in them presses the edges to seal them, bakes them according to the directions on the bisquit package and let them cool for a couple minutes then eat them. These people tore them up last night eatting them after all the food and cake and icecream, bunch of oinker's they are, lol.


Well, I guess there is'nt much to write about. I think I'll go write to my soon to be sister in law Nancy. I sent her a package friday, and I want to know if she got it yet. Or if LisaJo got her package yet also. Let me know girls. Take care all and have a great day.

Love to all.


  1. Just wanted to say HI! :)
    Get some rest!
    I have mammograms tomorrow & gro shopping! GRRR

  2. Enjoy your bath tonight sounds so relaxing.


  3. I pulled something in my back too, yesterday.  I was visiting my kids, the one with my Little Pnut... and that kid has really grown!  He weighs almost 12 pds, and he was so cranky yesterday.  I held and played with him alot, but I think I twisted something in my back.  I guess that's why us old farts (talking about me, not you) aren't supposed to be having babies at our age! lol  I can't even imagine! lol

    I took a hot bath this morning (even if it IS 90 outside) and a 800 MG motrin, and it does feel better.

    I hope yours does too.  Can't wait to see that cake, Cindy.   Hope it comes out as good as your last one did! :)


  4. i hope your back is better:) dinnner sounds yummy


  5. Sorry you're feeling bad. You had a really busy weekend so you need to take time to recoup.  Enjoy your bath!!  Just relax and maybe your back will be better.
    Dinner sounds so yummy!  I'm going to try that.  I always need cooking tips!  
    I hope Marissa's cake turns out as nice as Rebecca's did.  Can't wait to see pics!

  6. I'm coming to your house for a piece of that roast! LOL

  7. Okay, the smore thing has my attention :) <HUGE SMILE> YUMMY!!!  Make sure you take some type of Motrin if you thing you pulled a muscle. Heat is good, but don't overdo it until you feel better :)
    Hugs & Love
    P.S. While on vacation I KNOW I commented in your traveling necklace entry, but today I didn't see it :( Did you get a alert? Maybe i"m going nutso :(

    LOVE YA,

  9. I always cooked my roast on top of the stove and it is the best. Sounds like a tiring day. Hope you got your bubble bath.

  10. Boy do I hope that you got your much needed rest.

  11. yes i got my package.....will post about it on Weds. I was so tickled and honored to get it!!
    I want some of your always sound like you have the best food.
    Love,lisa jo

  12. That sounds delicious!!!! I have to try that now!!

  13. Sounds like you do need a quiet minute. You know you can make that rainbow cake and it'll be beautiful your mommom you can do anything. I make my roast on top of the stove all the time and yes it does come out so tender. Never had the Smore's Bisquits, might have to try it sometime when I'm at the farm. We don't eat much sweets so if I fix that I wanna be where I can make others eat it. LOL.
    Take care, Chrissie