Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Saturday


Good afternooon everyone. I am enjoying a little peace and quiet right now, until tonight. My grand daughter is coming over to spend the night. So I know Jim and I are in for it with Marissa and Rebecca's wanting to stay up all night talking. Last time, it was about 1:am when they finally went to sleep. It was a longggggggggggg night, lol. I went to FOOD BASICS and did my grocery shopping. I had exactly 105.25 in my purse, I spent 105.18, and now I have a whole 7 cents left over, lol. But my cabinets, fridge and freezer are full, so we don't need to worry about food for a while. They had some awesome bargains today. I bought a package of porchops, there was nine porkchops in this pack, i devided it into 3 meals. The package was 3.98 with a 1.50 coupon on the package for 1.50 off, so I got that package of 9 porkchops for 2.48. Can you believe that? I showed Jim my receipt and he was like, wow hun you did good!! I got a 3lb package of 80% lean ground beef for 2.18. Bought 2 very nice thick steaks, perfect for the grill or broiler, one was 1.38 the other 1.47. Got lots and lots of fresh veggies and fruit. I was darn proud of myself today. When I got home I called him on the cellphone to come downstairs and help me unload the car, just then Joe came out his door and he helped too, after all he does have dinner with us a few times a week, lol. Let me tell you they were worn out and had to rest a few minutes after carrying all that food in.


Gonna make me a pot of tea soon. I love my tea. Coffee is ok, and I love it, but tea is and has been my favorite. Hot or iced, it don't matter, I love both.


The girls are in for a treat tonight after dinner. I bought them some sugar free ice cream. But shhhhhhhhhh, they don't need to know that it's sugar free, lol. We don't need the added jet fuel to them. They'll enjoy that treat. Emma has Marissa on a strict diet, so I try to keep treats sugar free. Sometimes we just pop some popcorn for a snack. But beings I got a half gallon of mint chocolate chip sugar free ice cream for 98 cents, I thought they'd enjoy that more.


On my drive to the grocery store I had to admire the scenery, even though the traffic was bad. The leaves are all changing color and falling off the tree's, flower bed's that were once full of color are now turning brown and withered. I seen alot of houses already decorated for halloween. Some with those giant lit up cloth lawn ornaments with the blower motors in them to keep them inflated. Those things are really nice, but I won't have them, I think they cost too much.


Well, I guess I should get off this computer now for a while, and do some oraganizing in my kitchen. And figure out what I am making for dinner. Something quick and easy I suppose, because shopping always gives me a back ache, and right now I have a doozey of a back ache. Cup of that hot tea and a couple tylenol and I will be just fine.

By the way Jim installed thenew hard drive, and wow do I have alot of space to fill up now, lol. I joked around with him and said, well I can fill it up quick with pogo and Jland, lol. He gave me that evil eye, one eyebrow up his forehead look. I am such a tease, lol. But hey he loves me, or at least he better after almost 28 years of marriage, right? Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is out with Joe this afternoon. Their taking the boat out of the water today. And I think tomorrow their driving up to the pocono's to secure the cabin for the winter.




  1. You did good on the grocery shopping. We need those kind of stores around here. Helen

  2. I am such a horrible shopper!  Probably because I hate it so much!  You did good, Cindy!  You can come and shop for me! hee

    Hope you enjoy your time with the girls tonite! :)


  3. I hate grocery shopping!  Deal or no deals, I hate it!  Have a good night with the girls.

  4. very niceentry sissy

  5. Great deals! Have fun this weekend :)
    I miss the fall at coastal GA we don't see many of the beautiful colors.



  7. very cool sissy ....muahhhhhh love ya nancy

  8. Isn't it nice when you get a lot for your money??? We need to start going back to that place here locally. I don't spend on this timeo f year decorations eitehr, we use to but money just isn't there for something like that now. :)  Enjoy your Sunday :)

  9. Hey Cindy,
    Sounds like you're gonna have a fun weekend. Wow you did do good at the grocery. Lots of deals. I wish I could get those here. LOL.. I learned something new about you tonight. You love tea. ME TOO. Hot is my favorite, but I like a big glass of iced tea in the summer too. I'm not a coffee drinker. I wouldn't mention the sugar free part either. Half the time I don't tell my kids what they are eating or they'd never eat. Dontcha just love the fall. I love the leaves changing colors. Sorry about your back ache. WooHoo on the new hard drive. Maybe that is what's wrong with mine. All the graphics from PSP groups is blogging me down. I getting ready to burn all that stuff and delete from my hard drive and maybe that'll help.
    Take care, Chrissie