Sunday, September 10, 2006

Way To Go Eagles

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EAGLES KICKED BUTT.....24-10. NOW IF THEY CAN ONLY KEEP IT GOING FOR THE ENTIRE FOOTBALL SEASON, LOL. Hmmmmmm, have to wait and see. The chili was great. Three guys ate almost all of it. I might have about a quart left. It was a huge pot. Also made my garlic bread. They ate all of that. Rebecca ate 3 pieces, she loved it. Did'nt want chili though. I made her ABC Chicken Noodle soup.

I have just taken off the traveling necklace and placed it back in it's box again for safe keeping. I'm taking a walk to my daughter's tomorrow, so I'm not gonna wear it. I don't want to lose it, I would just die if I did. I'm guarding it with my life!! Thursday will be my last day to have the traveling necklace. Friday I will package it up and send it to Lisa in Ohio (Queeniemart). Afterwards I'll be so sad, and lonely, sniff, sniff. Sorry I could'nt get a closer picture of the necklace, but hubby's cellphone camera, if you get too close the pictures are blurred. But at least you can see I have it on. I did'nt smile cause Jim did'nt say ready, he just took the pic before I could smile, grrrrrrrrr.

I've been reading all of your tributes to the victims of 9/11. Wow, what wonderful tributes they are. You've all done magnificent work. I know the person you payed tribute too, is looking down from heaven smiling on you. Great job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I've got to get Rebecca ready for bed, then clean my livingroom, if you can call it a livingroom, cause right now it's so messed up it looks like the city dump, lol. Toys are everywhere. So, I'll goodbye for now. I will read some more journals later tonight. Have a good night everyone.



  1. We're big Eagles fans also!  

  2. boo hoo....i didnt get any chili.
    I may make myself some this week. Its all about OSU & the Browns for me. Have a good night.
    XO lisa

  3. yum chili:) have a good week


  4. I love a good chili :)  It was hard for me to pack the necklace up and send it on to.  <sigh>

  5. I want to get on the traveling necklace list.

  6. I made chili on Monday. The weather has turned cooler over here so it tasted really good. I also made homemade pimento cheese and they've just about eat that all.
    Take care, Chrissie