Friday, September 29, 2006

Shhhhhhhh, it's quiet now


It is so quiet here right now. Jim and Rebecca are asleep for the night. The only sounds are the filter's in the turtle tank and the tv. I have a movie on right now on the Lifetime channel, called Gracie's Choice. It's about a teenager who's mother is arrested for drugs and this teenager does everything in her power to keep her brother's together as a family. It is a very good movie so far.

I cooked a nice hot meal tonight, which Jim gobbled right up. Roast chicken stuffed with homemade stuffing, mashed potato's and gravy, baked yams and peas. He ate so much he was too tired to sit up and watch television, so he went to bed, lol. He's been working the past 3 days with his friend. They've been painting and sanding. Jim is so sore.


He's gonna be working on my computer this weekend. Installing a bigger hard drive. Our's he says is a 40, and he's putting in a 120, whatever that means. He's says I'm filling up the memory space, lol. Maybe so, but so what!!!! LOL. He built this computer piece by piece and programmed it also, so he must know what he's doing. The new hard drive was given to us as a gift, which I thought was so nice. Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping. I have 100.00 to do that. Instead of going to one of the more expensive stores, I will go to one called FOOD BASICS. You get name brand items for a discount price. Like those cans of Franco American Spaghettio's that are 1.19 in the grocery store, well FOOD BASICS has the same size can of Franco American spaghettio's for 59 cents. They have large fresh baked loaves of soft italian bread for 69 cents. XLarge eggs, 59 cents a dozen. I love this store. The produce is fantastic, cucumbers are like 6 for 1.00, bell peppers are 69 cents a pound, tomatoe's are 79 cents a pound. Brocolli is 39 cents for a big fat bunch. I can get alot for 100.00 there. Last time I was there, I got a huge pack of nice thick cut pork chops for less than 3.00 for the whole pack, now that was a bargain in itself.


Who was the next person on the traveling necklace game again, after LisaJo? I don't think I know the next person and have their journal link. I am trying to keep up with it and know how everyone else is enjoying the necklace game.


You can tell summer is over. It was so chilly outside today. I actually went around closing the windows. Drank a whole pot of hot coffee myself. I haven't done that in a while. While I was having the chemo and radiation treatments I couldn't even try to drink coffee or smell it, cause it made me so sick. Of course I lost my sense of taste for quite a while and everything I ate or drank had no flavor. I had to pour italian dressing on my food just to let myself know I had eatten. I could taste vinegar and nothing else.


I just found out tonight I was chosen for one of the guest editor's pic's. Wow, I am so honored. Thank you so much, Nelishia for the honor and the wonderful comment about me. I feel so blessed right now. What a wonderful community we have here in Jland.


Happy Dancing here in PA for sure. Happy to of found all you wonderful, caring, loving people. When I'm upset I always feel so much better after paying a visit here in Jland. Thank you everyone, thank you for making me feel so welcome in your community. Well, I'd better go now, it's getting late and this chair is killing my back, lol. Take care  and have a safe and wonderful weekend.


Thank you Mandy for my beautiful name tag. I just love it.


  1. Have a lovely weekend dear.

  2. i'm jealous now girly.....i love this entry but what i'm jealous about is the cool stuff if your entries the name tags ....they are soo cool ya NANCY

  3. Well I like the change of your's nice.  Yep, it is definately NOT summer anymore.  I'm kinda liking the cooler temps, but it Spring yet????

  4. Sounds like a good place to shop to me! Have a good weekend.


  6. Congrats on being chosen as one of the editors picks ~ J~land is a lovely place to visit I's so glad you always feel better after your visits ~ hope you have a vlely weekend ~ Ally

  7. Congratulations on being the guest Editor's pick. Love your fall graphics etc.  Be nice to have more space on the computer when your hubby gets it installed.

  8. congrats on being picked!  enjoy your alnoe, quiet time it wont last for long

  9. Cindy!  First of all Congrats on being Nelishia's pick this week! :)  Second..  that roasted chicken dinner sounds like it was double yummy!  I miss cooking.  My kids are all gone, and I'm by myself, so I don't cook often at all, and I miss it.  

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  10. Congratulations on being editors pick! I too love a good food bargain.....wish we had one of those stores here!
    love ya,

  11. Congrats on the editors pick :)
    I love Fall weather and I have to watch how much coffee I drink this time of year.

    Take care,

  12. Hey Cindy,
    Cute tag. I love black cats. Don't you love the graphics? Granny had a chair looked just like that we used to sit at it in the formal dining room for Sunday dinner every weekend. I haven't used the apple graphic yet. That food place sounds wonderful. We need a place like that here. I usually don't have much money to go to the grocery over here prices are sky high. I'm laughing because we've looked at the same graphics..LOL. Congrats on being chosen as a guest editor. You deserve it. I always love coming to read your journal.
    Oh and I don't know for sure who has the necklace, but I think my Tina has it right now. When I read her entry I'll email and let you know here in a few.
    Take care, Chrissie