Monday, September 4, 2006

Good Morning

Hope your all having a great morning. My alerts are still down. I've done everything I can think of to fix the problem, but nothing has worked. So, I try to go journal to journal to read entries and leave my comments. If I have'nt visited your journal in the past couple days, don't worry I'll be there. My son in law Dan will be on my computer for the biggest part of today. He has to finish his tests for class.

I did read I'm next in line for the traveling necklace. I am so excited. I can't wait to see it, hold it, wear it. I will post a pic of me wearing it also, and my thoughts.

I've been thinking about the past couple years and all that I've gone through, and I've been wondering if an entry of what my life was before, during and after cancer would be interesting to you all. Would anyone read an entry such as that? I would'nt leave anything out, you'd get all the details. Let me know if you'd like to hear what I went through.

Well, my hubby and kidlet want french toast for breakfast, so I think I'm gonna go fix it for them. Have a great day all.

 Thank you Missie for my name tag.


  1. i'd love to read about your life....write on!
    love,lisa jo

  2. I'd love to read it too.  I have't had cancer but I admire and surround myself with positive survivor's and warriors from all backgrounds.  Kidlet.  That made me smile.

  3. I would be very interested in learning anything about you and your life, especially your battle with cancer. I don't know anything about that part of your life and these things define who we are, so I would be very much interested. :)
    Oh, I 'm glad you reminded me about that pic, lol

  4. I have had Cancer twice and would very much like to read how you coped with it and the treatments you had for it ~ Ally

  5. I had Cancer 11 years ago.. and I do believe I wrote about my dance with the disease in my old journal.  I think, if you feel the need to write about it you should.  I'm sure people will be interested to know how you coped with it all.  We all do handle it differently.  I would be interested, Cindy.. :)


  6. I'd love to read about it.  

  7. I haven't never had cancer, but would love to read whatever you want to share with us all about your experience. Many people in our family have had cancer and each one was totally different.
    Take care, Chrissie