Wednesday, September 27, 2006

As my day ends



It wasn't such a bad day today. Rebecca and Marissa spent some time together playing and driving me somewhat batty, lol. But it was ok. They made a mess of the toys, but they did clean them up. Yep they cleaned, not me!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell to the floor when I seen it. Marissa comes in livingroom, says, Mommom can we show you something? I'm thinking, oh no what did they do now? I follow Marissa into the bedroom, and they say, SURPRISE< WE CLEANED THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did a double take on the vision, and had to sit on the bed. The room was so clean. But they had a reason for doing this, they are not angels. They are very sneaky, the lil stinkers. They say so we got an idea. I cross my arms across the front of me and say oh yea what's the idea? The both look at each other and Marissa says, can we have a sleepover tonight? And Rebecca says and a popsicle? I had to laugh, the expressions on their faces was so serious. But I had a talk with them. I told them they could have a popsicle, but the sleep over had to wait til friday night. They agree'd and enjoyed their popsicle. Whew, got out of that one, lol. Of course they ate the popsicle and trashed the room again, lol. But it was'nt too bad. Took about 2 minutes to put toys back in toybox and stuffed animals back on Rebecca's bed. Marissa had dinner here tonight, and then her mommy came to pick her up. Rebecca was so tired tonight, she went to bed willingly. Of course I had to read her 3 story books before she fell asleep, Tootie the Tug Boat, Elmo finds Sesame Street, and Jungle Book 2. She stuck her thumb in her mouth and off to dream land she went. Jim was like, how come she went to bed so easily tonight? I told him a big day of playing with Marissa. I think friday when Marissa comes over, I will take them for a long walk and tire them out. Last sleepover here those 2 girls were up til after 1:am. They were in bed, but they talked and talked.

Jim had a good day working with his friend Brad today. He's gonna work with him again tomorrow also. He came home tonight looking like a ghost. All covered in white dust. Rebecca tells him Daddy your filthy, you need a shower, lol. She wasn't joking, he needed one. I told him before you sit on the furniture, in the shower you go. I have black livingroom furniture. Uncle Joe came up and had dinner with us. I made spaghetti and a big salad.


Emma had some dinner before she went home. She said now she has to go home and cook dinner and explain why she isn't hungry and make Dan jealous. He's italian and loves pasta. I wasn't thinking, I should of sent her home with the leftover's. Dan would of loved that.

Emma took the kids to the pediatrician's office. It seems they have seasonal allergies. That's what all the red dots are from. They each got 2 prescription's and seem to be doing well. The dot's are fading and no new ones have been seen. The allergy medicine they take orally makes them both so drowsey. The doctor said once the cold weather sets in, they won't have any more problems until spring arrives.

When Jim went to pick up his tools this morning, the secretary there told him they fired a couple other people also. One being a secretary who worked for the company for over 5 years, and 2 other installer's. That company really sucks. I will miss the insurance because it is great insurance, but I won't miss Jim working there. I'm working on finding us a new insurance for medical, dental and prescriptions. I can always apply for CHIP so Rebecca can have insurance. It's like a 15.00 a month payment and doctor visit's are free along with prescriptions and dental work. I'll get to working on that soon. She is due for a check up the end of December.


Time to put on the jammies and go to bed. I am soooooooo tired. It's after 1:am, no wonder I'm tired, lol. I didn't realize it was so late. So, good night Jland, sweet dreams, and don't let the bed bugs bite, lol. Well, I did say I was loopy, lol.



  1. i know you'll miss the insurance but jimis better off not working for those idiots any longer treating him like that my soon to be brotherin law don't needto be treated like that by NOBODY!!! I'm glad that emms found out what is wrong with my neice and nephew.....I was getting worried about you sissy muahhhhhhh nancy

  2. That is a cute story about the girls!  I was smiling ear to ear :)  I understand about the insurance, health care is unmanagable without insurance these day, like a double edged sword if you have to buy it or can't have it. But i"m confident something better is in both your futures :)

  3. kids, lol always a reason for doing something. Great story though. I'm happy they enjoyed the popsicle. Have a great day.

  4. Such cute stories about these girls!  You make me feel as if I've visited your house at times.  The walk is a good idea to tire them out.  I'm soooo glad that Jim has friends like these.  Having to look for work again over 50 can be stressful and down right impossible.  Hope you had a good nite's sleep.

  5. those girls are too funny.  jason cleaned up last night but he wanted stickers for doing

  6. You are such a good mommy!!!

  7. I think those two little girls would wear me out for sure by the end of the day.  Have a good night.

  8. Hi Cindy!  I just love your stories about the girls.  I think you and they are very lucky to have each other.  Enjoy listening to them talk in bed.  There's nothing better than hearing children's laughter and voices ringing throughout the house.  It makes a home come alive!  You don't realize it until it's not there anymore.  If I had the sounds of children here again, I'd be quite happy to pick up toys each and every day.
    I love that they were plotting to be able to have their sleepover. Too funny!
    Sorry about Jim's job.  But, I'm glad he's enjoying what he's doing now.  

  9. OH and I was gonna ask you ....what is CHIP?

  10. Hey Cindy,
    Glad to hear Jim had a good day and will work again tomorrow. That's to funny about the girls, but hey you gotta hand it to them they knew they needed to clean then ask. LOL. Those allergies must be going around everywhere they are here too. That company sucks in my opinion. That would be great if you can get your daughter that insurance, what about you all? Can you and Jim get it too?
    Take care, Chrissie

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