Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What a Day

I just want to say thank you to everyone for keeping my grand daughter Marissa in your prayers. She gave me quite a scare today being taken to the hospital. I was a nervous wreck. I cried, I prayed, then cried and prayed some more. I get so freaked when one of my kids or grandkids is ill. I guess it's a Mom thing and it's natural, but my family has endured so much death over the past few years, it scares me when someone gets sick. In the past 6 years I have lost an grandson,aunt,uncle,2cousins,niece,great-nephew,and my dad, that's 8 people. So I think you can see why I get so freaked. But I do believe it was all your prayers that helped in Marissa's case. You don't know how much it means to me having so many people care so much about my grand daughter. I wish you could meet her. She is just so precious. Full of questions, always wanting a hug or giving a hug, if I'm not feeling well she holds my hand and says it's ok mommom, you'll be ok. And she has the most beautiful green eyes. I am so proud to have a grand daughter such as her. I am really blessed. Here's a pic of my girls, My 2 daughter's and Marissa, I love this pic of them.

In this Pic Marissa stole a candy cane off the tree, lol. Three of the loves of my life they are. I can't believe it's been  almost 3 years since this pic was taken. Wow, time sure has gone by fast.

I don't know if I ever told you about my brother Harry. He lives in San Francisco, California. He's lived there over 20 years now. He's come back east and tried to live here, but he always missed california and went back. I really miss him. And I am so afraid because he lives 3000 miles away and he has AIDS. He was diagnosed HIV positive when he was 17yrs old. He shared a needle with another drug user not knowing that other user was infected with full blown aids. That user dies 6 month's after Harry was diagnosed with the HIV virus. But Harry has beaten the odds. He is 41yrs old and he is still alive. He quit the drugs, eats healthy, excercises and takes his aids medication faithfully. The doctors say he is a walking miracle. I went to see Harry in 1998 in San Francisco all by myself, hubby stayed home. I flew on an airplane for the very first time, man was I terrified, lol. But I was so happy to see my brother. Harry and his friend/roomate Frank picked me up from the airport. I had an awesome 2 weeks there. Here's a pic of me and Harry. We were on a boat going for a ride in the bay under the San Francisco Bay Bridge and seen Alcatraz. Did'nt get to go in cause you had to buy tickets way in advance and we did'nt know that.

I'm not really a blonde, my hair was frosted then. Actually Harry and I have the same color hair and eyes. Handsome is'nt he? But sorry ladies, he likes men, lol. I support him in his way of life 100%. As long as he is happy, is all that matters. He's my brother and I love him very much. Ok, now this next pic, I had taken a shower and had'nt did my hair or makeup yet, cause we were going out to dinner that night. Harry, Frank and I. They took me to a beautiful italian restaurant. Wow, the food was amazing. But here's what I looked like before I was ready, lol.

Scarey huh? But ya know what I actually like that look. i call it the fresh look, lol. Ok, I mentioned that Bake-n-Fill cake pan set I'll be using for Rebecca's birthday cake. Here's what it looks like.

I'll get pics of the cake to show you and birthday pics also. She's gonna have an awesome day sunday. She has only gotten 1 birthday card and says, mommy how come I did'nt get anymore cards? I told her she'd get more for her birthday. Her favorite thing is cards, she loves them the best. Give her a card she carries it around all day acting like she can read it, lol. She's too funny. So maybe I'll buy her a whole bunch of birthday cards so she has alot of them instead of just one from daddy and mommy, lol. I'll get those strips of stickers they sell and put some in each card for her to paste in her notebook I gave her for stickers. She loves doing that. Emma wants to get Rebecca's ears pierced for her birthday. But Jim is'nt too happy with that. He does'nt want them pierced. He said it should be her choice when she gets older. I guess he is right. Well, I guess I've made a long enough entry. LOL. But before I go please continue to pray for Marissa. She is'nt 100% yet, and is'nt into eatting right now. All she had was that half turkey sandwich today, but is drinking some more water. I'm so thankful it was'nt anymore serious then it was. Thank you everyone.


  1. seeeeeeeeee i toldyou our god is an awesome god..............thisperfectangel is still with us and she loves us and wer love her...........take it easy sissy please????? you muahhhhhh nancy

  2. Happy to hear Marisa is doing better.  :)
    Love the pics.
    Hugs, Sugar

  3. Hi..
    I loved the pictures!! Yes, your brother is a handsome man and he looks so kind and nice....(You are very pretty too, even without makeup!!! )
    I am the same way when it comes to my young-uns...I get so worried...
    I am still praying for Marissa..please let us know how she gets along..
    love ya,

  4. great pictures, good news!  ?Cute brother! Barbara

  5. I use to live in Palm Springs which is also a large gay community so I have not a care in the world about peoples sexual preference.  But my girlfriends and I use to joke around saying that all the cute rich guys were always gay.....just doesnt seem  So glad you got to go see him.  I have never been up in a plane before either ...maybe someday....

    Have a nice night.....Liz

  6. So glad to hear that Marissa is going to be okay.  Prayers to work, that's for sure.  Your brother is very handsome, but aren't all the really handsome men, gay? lol   I swear they are!  So sad for us single women!
    I'm happy to hear that your brother has beat the odds, as far as AIDS goes.  The medications they have now are so much better than back when he was first diagnosed.  People are living much more productive and longer lives.

    I live in Southern California and have visited San Francisco, but never had the opportunity to visit Alcatraz.  Would really like to though.


  7. I think your brother is a handsome fellow.  I am also HIV positive and I never was a drug user!  I am a healthy hetero Caucasion female, a proud mother and a grandmother.  I live in HIV/AIDS housing in downtown Atlanta, GA with many, many people who have had this for decades!  Meds aren't what they used to be and neither is the virus.  It simply isn't the death sentence that it was in the 80s and 90s.  He will live a long time because he is taking care of himself.  As for me, my bloodwork has never shown me to have AIDS yet.  My immune system is still in the HIV level.  Your brother could easily explain further.  
    I know Marissa gave you quiet a scare.  She isn't forgotten and neither is her MOMMOM's nerves.  I really adored all of those pictures.  Precious family.  Your picture was very good in there.  I like that fresh clean look on ya too.
    Hugs, Nelishia

  8. I'm so happy that Marissa is getting better - wonderful news! I have a handsome, kind, caring Brother too - and he's Gay also!  He's my baby brother and I love him for who he is....!  Your brother has a very kind, handsome face!  Millie :-)

  9. I am glad Marissa in OK ~ Lovely pictures your brother is very handsome and the girls look great ~ Ally

  10. Wonderful pictures hun....what a lovely family!!

    Lv Stevie

  11. yes harry is a very good looking man!  i hope marissa is doing well now. you have a beautiful family

  12. Cindy, So glad to hear that Marissa is doing better.  It is always scarey when you have a child in the hospital.  Best of Luck.

  13. I get the same way....I agree, I think it's a mom thing! My prayers are still going up! I loved the photo's! :o)

  14. Great pictures!  Your brother is really handsome!
    I like that pan set. Never saw one like that. Can't wait to see the cake you create.

  15. Hey Cindy,

    Sorry that your brother has AIDS, but like you said he's beating it. He's very handsome. I'm like you, I have a nephew who is gay, and don't think any differently of him. That has nothing to do with what kinda person they are. The funny thing is out of my nephew and his three sisters, he's the one that ended up with the great guy. LOL. The girls exs were all asses.

    That's crazy about having to buy those tickets that far ahead of time. I was gonna ask ya what you thought of it. You look very different then. I love looking at pictures.

    I know what you mean about loss in your life. I feel like I've had my share too. Sometimes more than I can handle.
    I'm glad everything came out good for you with Marissa. That picture is so cute of the girls.

    The cake will be wonderful I'm sure. I have seen those watermelon cakes they are really cute. Good luck. I can't wait to see the pictures.

    Take care, Chrissie

  16. I like the natural looks also!!  I think that picture of you is good.  It's great that your brother is doing so good health wise!!

  17. Great pictures, everyone is so lovely.

    I'm glad that everything worked out for Marissa, I can totally understand why you freaked, seeing how your family history is.

    Hope you're having a great day,


  18. Whew....thank GOD Marissa ccame through!  What's up with kids lately getting sick, gggeeeeesh.  Your brother is handsome, too bad he's on the other side LOL.  But it is good that he changed his lifestyle and is now "healthy".   Brothers, what can ya do?  And your pictures are great!  Beautiful I should say.  Wish I looked that good without makeup!

  19. You are so pretty and your brother is a hunk...i am so happy he is doing so well. I went to San Fran in 2001 and i went on that boat and then into Alcatraz..what a cool day!
    I am SO glad Marissa is doing so well......and i pray she eats better. Cant wait to see the bday pics.
    Love,lisa jo

  20. you and your brother look great. I know how much you love your family beleive me it shows. You are a wonderful person. Love the pics and the story. So happy your brother is beating the odds.

  21. That is a picture that you will forever charish. And yes he is handsome. He reminds me of Mr. Big on Sex and the City... Do you know him???