Saturday, September 9, 2006

So Far Today.............

What a day it's been so far, I am exhausted. Rebecca and I went shopping with Uncle Joe. We went to Sear's. Rebecca chose a pair of pants, 2 shirts that match the pants, and Uncle Joe chose a really nice denim dress with a belt to it, and pink and red sequences on it to make flowers. Well, Rebecca loved it. So, I will have to get Jim to take her picture wearing the dress so you can see it. She also got 6 new pair of panties. She seen a pack where one pair had a strawberry print and she wanted them, so Uncle Joe said ok. So almost 100.00 dollars later we walk out of Sear's. Told ya he spoils her. Then she says on the way to the car, Uncle Joe, I think I'm a little bit hungry. lol He says well maybe we should go eat. He wanted to take us to an italian restaurant she says no, I wanna have a happy meal with chicken nuggets, french fries and apple juice. Her favorites. So Micky D's we went. Actually was really good. I had a new sandwich, breaded chicken breast on a wheat roll with bacon, swiss cheese lettuce tomato and ranch dressing. I liked it. And a rootbeer soda. Hubby came home from work around 2:30 today. He stopped at the store and got me the things I needed on my list, for a big pot of chili I am making tomorrow and my pasta sauce that I make up and freeze. He wanted the chili today, but I like to make it in the morning and let it simmer all day for a better flavor. Right now Jim is downstairs visiting Joe. If I don't get him to take my pic today wearing the necklace, I will have him do so tomorrow for sure. Well, I'm gonna go now. I have a few things to do before I start supper. Have a great day.

Ps, below is a picture of the Rebecca the day Uncle Joe became her Godfather.




  1. Boy....she sounds so loved! :o) Have a great weekend. :o)

  2. it sure sounds like Rebecca you and uncle Joe had a great time. He sounds like a good guy. Love the picture.

  3. sounds like a fun day:) chili sounds yummy i am making spagetti sauce for tomorrow its in the crockpot cooking as i type:) My dad loves my homemade sauce so for his birthday we are having that and homemade rolls. enjoy your weekend


  4. Busy & Fun day!!!!!  And she was/is soooooooooooo cute!!!!

  5. Man, i need an Uncle Joe too. Gotta love a man who will buy you a happy meal.

  6. Rebecca looks like a little doll that you'd put up on a shelf.  Just perfect!
    She's lucky to have Uncle Joe.  Very blessed.

  7. lucky girl. everyone needs an uncle to spoil them like she does.  the picture is beautiful

  8. She is an absolute living doll!  What a lucky girl to have that kind of uncle!

  9. Precious picture! Sounds like a great day of shopping. That figures the kids always want McD's they just don't know what they're missing.
    Take care, Chrissie