Friday, September 8, 2006

Some Pics to share and more

Poor Rocky and Joey. I don't think they liked the bubble bath they got yesterday. Nope, turtles do not like bubbles!! But Rebecca seemed to think they would love it. So, she puts a bathroom dixie cup full of baby bath into the tank. And with 2 pump/filters going it made quite a bit of bubbles. So much that it was running over the sides. I made the mistake of yelling, "Are you trying to kill your turtles?" Well, Rebecca freaked and started screaming, save my turtles mommy, save them don't let them die, I love my turtles. So, over an hour later, the turtles were saved and the tank was squeaky clean, lol. So, were the turtles, lol.

I've been checking out the 9/11 tributes that have been posted so far, and wow what wonderful tributes. You guys are amazing. On my own personal tribute I added two pictures of the WTC when the planes had crashed. But thanks to someone letting me know it could be upsetting to the families if they seen those pics, I decided to remove them. I do not want his family to be anymore upset then they have already been since they lost their friend, son, brother. I won't say who it was who let me know this, but I thank her for doing so.

Now I'll share some very nice but old pics with you of my family. Thanks goes to my dear cousin Carmen for scanning them for me and emailing them. Like I always say, she is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA CUZ, YOUR THE BEST.

I showed you a pic of my grandmother the other day, so now here is a pic of my grandfather, her husband.

There is'nt many pics of my Mom, but this one is my favorite. It's my Mom and Dad celebrating their 1yr wedding anniversary, in 1959. Their both deceased now, my Mom died in 1970 of Cancer and my Dad died Sept 4, 2005 by drowning. (that's another story I'm considering whether to share or not) It will shock you. But anyways, this next pic is my parents.

Cute couple huh?

This next pic is of my Dad. He is 17yrs old. His James Dean look, I call it, lol.


Last but not least is this baby picture, one of 2 that I have, and yep it is me. In this one I am 1yr old, I have another one where I'm 2yrs old. But this one is my favorite of the two.

Awwwwww, ain't I a cutie, lol.

This next one is'nt an old family photo, but I have to add it. It is of Rebecca and Marissa on Easter Sunday a few years ago. Jim and I lived in Virginia and were raising our grand daughter Marissa while Emma got things fixed in her life. This is when these two little monsters were good girls, lol. Now their almost 5yrs old, going on 14 and what attitudes, whew!!!!!!!!!! LOL Anyways, here they are, looking all cute done up in their easter dresses, black and white film was used. I love it.

And the cute little doggie next to them is SCOOBY, he is Carmen's doggie. He's such a good dog too, so friendly and lovable.

Well, there ya go, I'll save the rest of the pics she scanned for another entry. Take care all and have a great day.



  2. great pictures. your parents are very good looking and your grandfather was adorable. he looked like such a nice man. the girls are so cute and so is the dog!
    take care

  3. Wonderful pics. TY for sharing. :)
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs, Sugar

  4. I love the pictures! And I can only imagine the cute! :o)

  5. very very cute adorable sweetand handsome
                                                                muahhhhhhh love ya

  6. I think you look like your Mom!  Great pictures!

  7. Awesome pics..I love that 50's feel..

    Lovely family

    I'm sorry to hear of how your parents passed away..That's awful!! *hugs*

    Lv Stevie

  8. They are lovely pictures ~ The one of you at 1 yr old is really cute ~ Ally

  9. aww those are great pictures! I have always love old black and white photos, thanks for sharing :)
    lol those poor turtles!


  10. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great photo's the black and white pics...have a great weekend...hugs and love,

  12. Great pictures.  Thanks for sharing them with us. You were so cute when you were a baby.  And the pic of the girls is adorable! Such dollies!

  13. I love all those pictures, your so lucky to have those :)

    what kind of turtles do you have???

  14. check out grandpa and the car....and your parents are gorgeous.....i am sorry your dad died by drowning. That is one of my biggest fears! I love the pic of the granddaughters and the doggy. You are such a character.
    love,lisa jo

  15. I really enjoyed these pictures!  And yes, you were a cutie pie too!

  16. Hey Cindy,

    I think Rebecca looked like you as a baby. Thats to funny about the turtles.

    You know I never thought about those pictures that way, but I may revise my entry and remove mine too. I have more beautiful graphics that I can use in their place anyway. I had so many and felt bad because I didn't use everyones. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    Thank you for sharing your old photos. I love to look at them. Another time in history. That's nice of your cousin to share them with you. I wish I had some family members that could have shared pictures with me. The one of your grandfather is cute because in old photos everyone is always by their cars. Your mom and dad were just to darn cute. So sorry they are both gone, I know you still miss them, as I do my parents. Sorry about your dad, I did love his sexy pic... to cute!

    Take care, Chrissie