Monday, September 11, 2006

Good Morning!!!!! And an early morning it is for me. I awakened at 6:am this morning. I don't know why. As busy as I get during the day chasing after Rebecca and cleaning up her 999 messes she makes each day, lol, you'd think I would sleep later in the mornings. Nope not me, as soon as the eyes open, they stay open. But I was able to chat with my hubby this morning for a few minutes. We can't do that when Rebecca is up cause she keeps our attention on her. Joe is very good friends with alot of people here in the neighborhood and he told Jim what's been going on with some of our neighbors. Jim told me this morning, and now I want to move out of this area even more. I am actually scared to live here now. When Jim left this morning I told him to lock the door on his way out. Before he left he told me our next door neighbors son was jumped and beat up by a group of Franklin High School kids on his way home from school. He's only 15 years old. He's a good kid, and helps his Mom with his younger sister and brother while she is at work. He does'nt go out roaming the streets, he's been a straight A student every year. He told his Mom, he did'nt fight back cause he did'nt know if one of them had a gun or not. Is'nt that awful? I feel so bad for this family. Jim said she is putting her house up for sale and moving her children out of the city of Philadelphia. I can't blame her for that. Because soon after we get our tax return we are also moving. I will not let my little girl go to any of these schools here. It's not just the high schools that are bad, it's also the elementary schools too. Last year we had a third grader who was caught with heroine at school, a 4th grader who tried to poison her teacher, and a 5th grader who brought a gun to school. Hellooooooo, where the hell is their parents? It's getting so people are afraid to send their kids to school anymore. I think that's why so many home school their kids nowadays. I home schooled my Emma when she was in 8th and 9th grades. Jim also told me, the reason their was 2 cop cars across the street the other morning was because my neighbors house was broken into. He works nights, and when he came home he found his wife tied up, and the house a real mess. Whoever broke in got in from the basement during the night and attacked his wife, then robbed them. They took the tv, stereo, jewelry, andcash from her purse. They have a son, but he was'nt home. He was at his girlfriends house for the night. He's 22yrs old. Jim says the son was just robbed a few weeks ago by gunpoint going to the deli 2 blocks down the street. Rebecca and I walk to that deli all the time. This city is crazy. I don't remember if I ever mentioned it in an entry, but 2 years ago a 17yr old boy was shot and killed by a 15yr old boy right out front of my house. I was home at the time, I seen the 17yr old laying on the ground. The gunshot blew his heart right out his back. The parents and the 15yr old dissappeared for almost a year until they were found finally. The parents were given a longer sentence then their son who did the actual murder/shooting. For almost a year the family and friends of the 17yr old were on my street in large groups waiting for this family. They did'nt own the house they lived in, they rented it, so I guess it was easy to just leave. That house I noticed has a For Sale sign on it now. All I can say is, I can't wait to move out of here!!!!!!

 Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the tragic day when so many lives were lost by terrorists attacks. 2996 people lost their lives that day. Innocent people who went to work that morning, people traveling on vacation, and those just wanting to get home, never saw another day. On September 11, 2001 those people were killed. Never again will they hug their family, listen to laughter of a loved one or a friend. Never again will the families who lost someone that day hear them laugh, see them smile or be able to hug their loved one and tell them how much they love them. What really breaks my heart is the children who now have to grow up never seeing their Daddy or Mommy again. That really hurts, because the children are innocent and did'nt deserve such a horrible thing to happen in their young lives. I grew up with out a Mom. She died when I was 9years old, on August 27, 1970, at 1:10am. I remember that clearly, and it hurt beyond belief. It's been 36 years and I still cry for my mother. So, I know how these children felt when they lost their parent. Everynight before I go to sleep, I say a prayer and ask god to make this world better, to get rid of the violence, the hate. We all live on one earth, why can't we get along with out a war, without the murdering of innocent people like the day of Sept 11,2001? My husband says terrorists are jealous of America because they have such a poor life in their own country. And this is our fault? America suffers also. Look at all the crime we have on the news everyday. Murders, rapes, thefts, kidnapping, bombings, starvation. Is'nt that enough for us to deal with? Why does our country have to suffer because of other countries. Why do our men and women have to go fight another war in another country? Why can't they stay here and defend their own country, their own beliefs? Instead, our country sends them off to some place, and in so many instances they are killed or seriously wounded. Is this really necessary? Bring our troops home, and let those places fight their own dam wars. America has lost enough! We've had enough! And to the ones who lost their lives 5 years ago today, I salute all 2996 of you. May you have eternal peace, joy and happiness. And to the families who lost a loved one on that day, stay strong, your loved one will not be forgotten. Their faces are etched in your hearts and your minds and they will always be with you. No one, not even a terrorists can take that away from you. As I close this entry I have one more thing to say.............




  1. A wonderful entry. The whole word is sad today as we remember.

  2. Beautiful entry! :o)

  3. goosebumps....I want you and your family out of that neighborhood.  If you guys are renting, find a  safer place.  If you are buying...why?  This was an eye opening entry.  Great job Cindy.  Stay safe hun! Barbara

  4. Maybe you SHOULD think of moving? But then, unfortunately things seem to be happening almost everywhere these days!!! GRRR
    Nice tribute to 9/11 victims...TY!
    Blessings, Sugar

  5. I would think long and hard about moving...stay safe.  Love your 9/11 tribute, a sad day in our nation...hugs and love,

  6. Cindy,
    How awful to have all that happening around you. Yes, you need to move asap before something does happen. All those things are to close to home.
    Well said on your thoughts and tribute of 9/11.
    Take care, Chrissie

  7. I would want to move if I were dealing with that stuff on a regular basis. Wow!  Think seriously about it.
    TY for your thoughts on 911.