Saturday, September 23, 2006



I get an email yesterday. It says this man (forgot name) has died. He is a very wealthy man with no heirs that he knows of, but hired a lawyer to find him an heir. His estate is worth 5.5 million dollars. He is from Canada, never married, never had children, but did have 1 sibling who he had'nt seen in 50 years.  Ok, so this email says that after a long drawn out search, they finally found me, (yes me). And I am the heir to his estate. Hmmm, ok. Thinking as far as I know, none of my family has ever been to Canada, let alone  born there. Then this lawyer in the email says, to confirm that I am his legal heir, he needs additional information. (Now I get curious) The information he wants is:

Name (first, middle and last)


Phone number


Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Social Security Number

Bank Account

Account number



Children's name

Children's date of birth

Children's social security number's.

Ok, so if I'm the legal heir as he claimed, and he did all the checking and investigating and says that I am the heir, wouldn't he already know all the info about me? And what does my children and their information have to do with me being an heir to someone I never ever heard of?

Then I remembered, years ago someone I know got almost the same type of email. And she gave him all her information. Few weeks later she was literally in the poor house. Her account was drained dry. She and the bank got together, the money was taken from her account and sent to an account in Switzerland where that account had been closed already. No more information available. She lost thousand's of dollars. All of her savings that it took her years to save.

So, lights and bell's going off in my head, I emailed this person. I told him he had the wrong person, and I felt he was pulling a scam of some kind and I will be reporting him immediately. About 3 minutes after I sent the email to him I get a reply, it says..........

Awwwwwww, come on. Do you think I would really do that? Be serious doll.

Hmmmm, and this reply supposedly came from a lawyer? YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not getting my money, not today, not ever!!! I'm keeping what little money I have.



So, if you ever receive an email for something like this, DELETE IT, it's just a scam.

Have a great day all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Roxy for my cool name tag.



  1. Sooo many scams like this one going around. I delete ALL mail I don't rcognize the sender address. :)

  2. I still can't believe some poor soul would actually GIVE them the information.  Glad you were smart!

  3. lol that really is a big time scam..good thing you are smarter than they are

  4. That definitely is a scam and there are several versions of it going around. Such BS! Before you delete stuff like that, press the "report scam" button on your mailbox and that notifies AOL. They are very serious about cracking down on scam artists.

    Hugs, Mandy ~

  5. I get email like this all the time. I responded to one and asked  if he thought I was stupid. He replied that it was for real. I always delete those off quickly. helen

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Definitely a scam.  I've gotten the same email on several different occasions, different locations etc.
    Have a good day.

  7. It most certainly is a scam, do not touch it with a bargepole. I have had quite a few of them.

  8. Cindy.. I have gotten the same kinds of emails.....SEVERAL times!  Not just from Canada, but from Africa too!  It's sad that there are people out there that would actually believe this.  My motto is:  "If it sounds too good to be true.. it probably is."


  9. what creeps !! glad you didn't send any info:) have a great weekend


  10. YES...IT IS A SCAM!!!

    Run away....FAR away!!! (lol)


  11. I have had two scams this past week. One from "AOL" and the other from "PAYPAL", both needing me to *update my payment info*, the paypal I knew was fake because they ALWAYS use your FIRST AND LAST name in an email.  The AOL I thought was legit, so I sent it to my "know it all geek squard business partner", he pointed out all the errors in the AOL, big one being NONE of the hyperlinks worked.  And I checked with AOL and it was confirmed,,,,SCAM.  Some are very tricky, and that's scary because I'm not alone when I say I can't afford to get scammed $$$

  12. I've received that same scam a couple of times.  Such a shame!

  13. i cant believe anyone would ever give all that info away.... im so glad you are a smart lady...
    love Christine

  14. I cannot imagine anyone falling for that Scam ~ but I know they do ~ glad you were smart enough to recognise it for what is was ~ Ally

  15. Someone else said they got that one too.
    Take care, Chrissie