Monday, September 25, 2006

I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It can't be happening!!!!!!! Why now? I need to find that treasure chest, then all my worries will be over. Jim called me a little while ago. Word got to him that he might be on the list to be fired. He has worked for this company for 3 years with no raise, all overtime taken away, and now this. Is'nt that lovely. The man is 52 years old, and at that age it is very hard to get another job doing what he does. He installs autoglass. Companies like to hire younger guys cause they pay them lower wages. Jim has been doing autoglass for 23 years. He was lucky to get in this company. Now. we'll lose the insurance too. Unless we want to take over the premium payment ourselves which is 800.00 a month. Life sure can kick you hard when your not looking. Holidays are almost upon us and wham!!!!!!!!!!! Might lose a job. I can't put the name of the company in here, because they have a policy if you bad mouth their company, they can sue you for it. Nice people huh? But, all we can do is wait and see. If it happens it will be this week.

My daughter Emma just called me. Marissa and Daniel keep waking up every morning with red welts, like bite marks from an insect. And Marissa says they itch bad. Marissa is also waking up with dried blood around her nose. Emma called the doctor and he wants to see both the kids in the morning. Rebecca goes over to Emma's a couple times a week, and does'nt get any of the red marks.

Speaking of Rebecca...........she made a pool of water in the kitchen on the floor and was sitting in it splashing away. I cleaned that up, and then when she was suppose to be taking a nap I hear something fall. I sneak into the bathroom first and there she is..........filling the middle of a roll of toilet paper with conditioner. Now I have no more conditioner, and down to 1 roll of toilet paper left. I told jim that's it. I want a latch put high up on the outside of the door, and I'll keep it locked until she has to go potty, brush her teeth or get a bath. She can't be doing all this for attention, cause this kid gets alot of attention. I'm thinking maybe she is bored. But if you seen all the toys, books, games, dolls, puzzles this kid has you would think boredom is no way a factor in her behavior. I hope she grows out of this soon.

Well, I found alot of animated clip art and christmas and kids clipart today. I will post it maybe tonight. Right now I have to go and clean up lunch dishes and go into the bathroom and take everything out of there she can make a mess with and put it away. Then I'm gonna sit down in the kitchen, with a cup of herbal tea and work on the book I am trying to write. Take care everyone, and I hope your day is going alot better then mine.




  1. (((((((((((((((( Cindy ))))))))))))))))))))) Oh I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your husband and say a prayer. I also know that sometimes things that come back word of mouth are wrong, so lets try and stay positive until you hear something.  You can call me and tell me the name of the business I can bad mouth them on my web page :) ha ha ha ha..oh wait, I just did that here so they would know...hmmmmmmm
    Good luck with the bathroom, lock sounds good. Kids just get curious, and you have to admit the whole fill the toilet roll with conditioner was creative, I never would have thought of that ;) lol

  2. Cindy, I really pray that your husband does not lose his job.  I'm 53 and it's been hell trying to find one since I lost mine in July.  You are right about the age thing!  I think I have talked about that in my journal.
    I worked at my job for 13 years, and never dreamed I would get fired, especially over what I did.
    I pray that this doesn't happen to you, because it is very stressful, to say the least!


  3. praying for your husbands job:)


  4. I pray that your husband doesn't lose his job. Don't think a latch will keep your daughter out of the bathroom, she will find a way.LOL. My daughter when she was less than three got a broom and was using the handle trying to unlock the latch that we installed near the top of the outside door. I threatned to give her a spanking and that put a spot to that little trick. That has been many years ago. Kids are smart. Helen

  5. Praying for your family.
    Hugs, Sugar

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Hopefully it's just a rumor, I hope the best for your husband and family.
    I am 48 and having a hell of a time finding a job.
    Your daughter is very creative, that's for sure.
    Take care,

  7. Hi Cindy.  I sure hope your hubby does not lose his job!  That's awful!!  Especially with Xmas around the next corner!  Sheesh!
    Will keep your family in my prayers.

  8. Aww prayers my friend. I hope your husband doesn't loose his job and your insurance. Let us know what's up with the grandkids. The latch on the outside will work until she realizes she can either climb up and undo it or use a broom and knock it open. Did I remember that you're writing a book? What's it about can you tell? I'll be back to snag some clip art from you. I'm gonna start using fall stuff in my journal so you can snag what you want too. I got the stuff to use in making my graphics, but I need to get a new program the other went out. Just when I was getting started. So maybe I'll go buy a new one this weekend they're like $50. John owes me money this weekend I'll just buy myself an early Christmas present on him...LOL.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Lord, I hope your husband doesn't lose his job...maybe he could talk to them in advance and see if that would help....
    Rebecca is smart enough to know how to get to the lock and unlock the door unless you stress that there will be punishment if she may have to resort to the old faithful..a swat on the hiney! lol
    love ya,

  10. I hear alot of misbehaving but you havent expressed the consequences for her actions. I think a little swat is ok. Sometimes it really gets there attention..
    Good  luck. She is to old to be doing those 3 year old experiments.
    I hope the lock works..

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband (I'm sorry.... maybe it's not your hubby, I haven't been reading your journal long enough to know yet) possibly losing his job.  I hope in the end that it doesn't happen and that somehow it was a mistake.  It is never a good time to lose a job, but it's even worse when it's around the holidays.  
    xoxo, Heather

  12. Rebecca is being quite naughty isn't she? LOL been there done that.... Maybe you need to show her what it is like to have things that you need thrown away.  Maybe she has too many toys and can't decide which ones to play with so she is looking for something different to do.  I would buy her some special bubble bath or something and then while she is watching take it and start pouring it out.  When she wants to know what you are doing tell her that you are just pretending to be her.  If she gets upset about it then you can sit her down and explain to her that that is how you feel when she makes messes with your stuff. Just a suggestion from a mother who had to be creative because a little swat never fazed Eric. LOL Barbara

  13. That little Rebecca is really something!  (lol)  I REALLY hope your husband doesn't lose his job.  That is just HORRIBLE...and right before the holidays....

    ((hugs)) and good luck!