Saturday, May 20, 2006


God actually reveals Himself in Scripture, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. So why are so many Bibles shut away in drawers or collecting dust these days? That’s the 64,000-dollar question!"

The above saying is from an email sent to me by a good friend, whom we all call POPPOP BILL. My children and grandchildren adore him. He's a really sweet, loving, funny man, who's loved dearly by us all. I just thought the saying was so true. After I read it, I thought where is my Bible? I looked around the room, and there it was, on the book shelf with a bunch of books stacked on top of it. That's gonna change today, I'm gonna set up a special place on a table in my livingroom!!

Well, here it is 11:15 in the morning and I'm at the computer, still in my pajama's. Oh, well, a lazy day I guess. But hey, after all I've been through lately with the teeth extractions, I think I deserve it! Well, my little girl wants to have a mommy/daughter day. So, she has made the plans, first we are going to Wendy's for lunch, where she want's chicken nuggets, chocolate frosty and a toy. Ok, children's meal for that, but she has informed me I can't eat cause of no teeth and gums not healed, but hey chocolate frosty sounds good to me too, lol. We'll then go to the park, so she can run up the slide with her new sneaker's on, because she won't slide, hah, that's what she thinks. I think I'll bribe her with a toy from KMart which is right next door to Wendy's, heehee. I have to go to CVS also, to pick up my hubby and I prescriptions. His is for blood pressure, mine is for my sleeping pills. She was up early this morning, so I'll tire her out and nap time will happen when we get home. Hmmmmmmmm, nap? Does sound good.

Well had a lovely breakfast this morning, of applesauce and an antibiotic pill. How filling, lol............NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim And Rebecca had cereal, toast, apple slices. I'm thinking I'll get a box of oatmeal today. That is filling and healthy. I loved it as a kid. MIlk, cinnamon and a packet of sweet and low. Yep, made up my mind, getting the oatmeal today. Last night for supper I had mashed potato's and gravy, applesauce. I actually felt full. I miss my salad though. I have a salad everyday, I love salad. I usually make a big bowl of salad at a time, so I can have it for a couple days. I add Romaine lettuce, tomatoe's, cucumbers, red onion, bell peppers (red and green) olives (black and green) extra pimento's and bacon bits. I use my Good Season's italian dressing. I love that stuff. My supper today will be mashed potatoes and mashed green beans. Yummy huh? LOL well, guess I'd better get my rear end off this computer chair and into some clothes. And have our mother/daughter outting. Glad the rain stopped today and the sun is shining, cause I do not like driving in the rain. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. you can also try mac and cheese it is soft and easy to eat. another good one is ravs the chef boy ardee kind just like spagettios lol yogurt is another good one have a great day


  2. Hope you enjoyed your mommy/daughter day!  Those are always fun!  
    Have you tried that yogurt that you can drink? It's not too bad.  Might be easy for you eat.  Or just a plain ol' Slim Fast protein shake might be good, too.  Chocolate flavor is good!
    Take care....Pam

  3. That's where we're different sis, I never could stand oatmeal! LOL That salad sounds yummy, I love a nice, big salad. Glad you had such a nice day with Rebecca! :-)