Sunday, May 7, 2006

The Fun I Had

First I want to thank the artist of D's Designs for making this for me. A big thank you goes out to her. Ok, the birthday party was fabulous. So, many nice people were there. And my niece S had a great day, which was the most important thing. My sister Susan was as beautiful as ever. And yes I gave her a big hug. The food was fabulous, and everyone seemed to enjoy the brocolli salad i brought there, which I'm glad they did. All the kids played so nicely and looked so happy. And I met Donna. She is a very nice person. No wonder Susan loves her so much. My granddaughter and my niece E became instant buddies, and my daughter became buddies with my niece S. My oldest daughter Emma told me that my granddaughter cried all the way home that she wanted E to come home with her, awwwww!!!! Anyways, my nieces got so big since the last time I saw them, and so beautiful. I can't wait to see them again. Oh and before I forget, remember the waiting and waiting Susan did for the StrawberryShortcake back pack? Well, I got to see it up close and no wonder Susan loves it so much. It is truely a beautiful piece. And yep she had alot of stuff in it, lol. Sorry Sis, I had to tell them, heehee. Anyways, I had a great day, as did all that came with me. We're looking forward to doing it again, hopefully soon!!!!!!!


  1. Cindy, i am glad you had a good party! Sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad Susan got that backpack too....its always nice to get something that means alot to you in the mail!

  2. You know, E has been non-stop talking about Marissa since the party...they really hit it off, it was so cute! Glad you had a great time, sis...yep, I do have a lot of junk in my backpack! LOL

  3. I`m glad the party was a success! Sounds like everyone had a great time. :0)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day for all!!  Glad you had such a nice time.