Sunday, May 28, 2006

Busy Day and Exhausted

 Bath TubThe day was a busy one. Daniel was picked up at noon. Whew, thank goodness. I love my grandson dearly, but the lil man wears out his mommom, lol. Don't you know right before he was picked up, the little stinker fell asleep. That, "I was a good boy act" ain't working for me lol. My daughter had called earlier and said, Mom, are you too tired to keep him for the day, so we don't have to take him to the block party? My answer...........Hell yea I'm tired, lol. So, she says let me finish this cup of coffee and I'll be right there, yea right, 2 hours later, grrrrrrrrrr. But anyways, I enjoyed spending time with Daniel. Our kids and grandkids grow up so fast, it's sad to miss any of their childhood. After Daniel and his parents left, Rebecca and I got ready and went downstairs to get Mommom I. The 3 of us went to KMart. Mommom I bought herself 2 cute blouses. I went there to get that tupperware container for Rebecca to keep her toys in, welllllllllllllllllllllllllll, 90.00 later, lol. I got the container, 2 blouses and a pair of shorts for myself, potato chips, case of toilet tissue, zip lock storage bags, and styrofoam coffee cups with lids. They'll be great for hubby to take with him when he leaves for work. Oh and I bought a 5x7 area rug for my livingroom. When we left KMart, we then went to Wendy's for lunch. Mommom I had to eat something cause she's diabetic. She had fries and a diet coke. We wanted chocolate frosty's. It's almost 90 degree's outside and they were out of the frosty's. Rebecca did'nt take that news very well. We had our lunch and came home. So, we had to sit out on the enclosed porch and wait for the Mr. Softee icecream truck. One hour later, he finally came. I bought the 3 of us an icecream cone. Rebecca was happy. It is now 8:12pm, and guess who's going to bed real soon? Rebecca is!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna run a tub and soak this sore body in it. And later watch my Soprano's on HBO. Then Big Love. That show is so corny, but I like it. Well, I'm off to relax for the rest of the evening. And I'm gonna shut down computer so I'm not tempted, lol. Mommom needs to relax now. Good Night all, sweet dreams and don't eat too many burgers and dogs tomorrow. And if ya do, I take my dog with mustard and relish please, lol. GodBless 



  1. It's so easy to walk in the store and come out with so many things that you just can't live without, isn't it?? LOL!  I do that all the time.  Get some rest tonight.  You deserve it!

  2. You watch the Sopranos too? That's my hubby's favorite show! LOL

  3. sounds like another buzy day:) rest and relax tomorrow


  4. night mommom, sounds like you have a busy day for sure and need a rest. Enjoy the bath and the show.

  5. ally123130585918May 29, 2006 at 12:53 AM

    Love your graphic ~ is that you taking a bubble bath lol ~ glad you enjoyed your day even when it was so busy ~ sounds like you had a spending spree in KMart ~ hope you enjoyed your TV programmes and have a wonderful Memorial day ~ Ally