Monday, May 29, 2006

Daddy's Home

Hubby got home around 3 oclock today from his long weekend up in the Pocono's. He said he had a nice time grrrrrrrrrrrrr, and got alot of repairs done. They did encounter one problem though. It seems mice had taken over the cabin during the winter, and well they found  a large stash of paintballs, and ummmmmmm a gallon of turpentine later the mess was cleaned up. LOL And he thought it was gonna be a breeze going up there, hahaha. They also washed everything down with bleach, then used a commercial sanitizer on the place. On sunday Jim and Joe and their buddy Brad went to a huge outdoor flea market. Jim had promised Rebecca he'd bring her home something special. Well, he found the perfect gift, a statue of 2 turtles sitting on a big rock, all blue and greens, very aquatic looking. Rebecca saw it and her eyes got so big, she jumped up and down saying daddy daddy thank you daddy. That was a great moment for him, cause he knew she loved turtles and would love that surprise. She has found the perfect spot for it too, right on the bookshelf beside her SpongeBob bed. She said it'll be safe there.

She spent hours with her daddy tonight. They went downstairs to Joe's and had dinner. Joe cooked ribs and chicken on the grill. I stayed upstairs, wow I got some time to myself. I even took about an hour nap. Can you believe it? I did'nt go downstairs, cause I was so tired and it was so hot, and today the big red monster came finally, so I was crampy and cranky too. I would not of been good company at all. Jim came upstairs with Rebecca and a dish of dinner for me that Mommom I fixed. She's such a thoughtful sweetheart. Jim looked at me and said, ummmm hun if you want I'll get the airconditioner out of the closet and put it in livingroom window for you. Well, one look at my expression and he was installing the thing. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I love that man. As tired as he was, he took the time to do that before he went to bed.

Well, I just watched a young man's documentary about his father on HBO called An Unknown Soldier. It was sad in part. This young man is so proud of his father. And making the movie about him gave him a sort of closure I think. When his mother was pregnant with him, his father was sent to Vietnam, and was killed. He never knew he had a son and the son never knew his father, until now. He met marine buddies, college room mates who all had photo's and lots of memories they shared with him. I just thank the dear lord, my hubby was'nt killed during that era, otherwise I'd of never met him and have the family I do now. I am truely blessed. At the end of this young man's documentary about his father they played a song, that I had'nt heard in year's. It's a church hymm called "I Saw The Light". I remember as a child I'd sing that song, not just in sunday school or church, but I'd sing it at home too. It just made me feel good to sing it. Well, I guess I've rambled on long enough, so I'll go now. Have a great night everyone, and sweet dreams. ((((((((HUGS))))))))


  1. happy daddy got home.

  2. Glad hubby got home safe.  What a sweet gift he brought Rebecca!!  I think it was sweet of him to hook up the air conditioner for ya!  Stay cool!

  3. Glad to hear that Jim got home safe and that you got your air's been so hot, I can't stand the heat either.

  4. Glad DH made it home safe and put the AC on.....hate to hear that you have MR. Red here to visit. I know all about those cramps!