Monday, May 1, 2006

Should I or Should'nt I?

Good Morning!!!!!!!! Actually in 20 minutes it'll be noon. I'm still sitting at this computer in my PJ's. I've been debating on whether or not to rearrange my bedroom furniture. It's gonna be alot of work, don't know if my back and hips can handle the task, but those dreaded dust bunnies are bothering the hubby's sinus's. He has a very bad allergy to dust. I just may try to rearrange the furniture, I'll decide on that after I have another cup of Java, lol. I spoke to my daughter Emma this morning. Daniel is so much better, he's eatting and drinking and able to keep it down. My daughter says he was sitting on the floor this morning playing with all his new birthday toys, and his favorite seems to be the Elmo box I got him that plays Elmo songs. He'll smile and sway back and forth as if he's dancing. He still won't go near that cart wheeling Tigger, lol. Found out this morning the secretary at my husband's work, who we've been friends with for over 10 years, won an all expense paid vacation for 4 to Cancun. Wow, is she lucky or what? She entered a contest on oldies 98 channel and won, well good for her, cause that's one lady that deserves it. She just became a grandmom a couple month's ago to a grandson. She's loving every minute of it too. I know how she feels on that one, cause my grandkids are awesome. Hope everyone who reads my journal has an awesome day, even though it's monday, LOL.


  1. Hey sis, it always makes me feel good when I move things around, it's like a fresh start or something. :-)

  2. so buzy :) have a good week