Monday, May 15, 2006

Gonna Forgive the Hubby

 Butterfly Glitter CuteI guess I'm gonna have to forgive my hubby since he was so great today. First he wakes me up and has the coffee made this morning. Then he drives me to my cat scan appointment, which by the way was scheduled at the wrong place, so I had to schedule another appointment and now go next monday at 8AM. He dropped me off and came right back when I called him to let him know what happened. He was so mad, but not at me. He said after the weekend that I had, I could be home resting, because of taking care of the 2 girls all weekend. So, we come home and he fixes Rebecca her breakfast, and makes another pot of coffee for me. Later he says, ok hun get ready we're going out. So, we went to Wendy's and had lunch. He had the Taco Salad, Rebecca had a chicken nugget kid's meal and I had one of those new Fricotta Sandwiches they added to their menu. Let me tell you I recommend the Black Forrest Ham sandwich. It had Lot's of ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, it was fabulous. Afterwards we went to Kmart to get coffee filters and walked out spending $61.00. I got new sandals, and sneakers for Rebecca, and by the way they are strawberry shortcake shoes, sooooo cute they are, I seen a real nice Rod and Reel on sale and I know Jim needed one, his broke last year. We then went to a place called World Wide Aquarium, where we had to get turtle food and Algae eatters for the turtle tank. Afterwards we came home and Rebecca went for a nap, and my hubby went into the kitchen, did the dishes and cleaned out the burner's on the stove. They look brand new again. So, I'm gonna have to forgive him since he was so nice and helpful today. We're getting a storm right now, satellite went out, so I'm gonna go so I can shut down the computer for a while. Hope you all had a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Gonna save the shoe box for my sister Susan, she loves Strawberry Shortcake, so maybe she can find a use for the box, it's really nice with pictures all over it.


  1. I would have been so mad grrr... i hate to have MRIs anyway lol glad hubby is out of the doghouse:) have a good week


  2. Oooo yes, I would love the SSC shoebox!!! hehe :-)

    Glad to hear that my brother-in-law has rectified himself! LOL