Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Well, today is the day. Going to finally start to get these teeth out. I really hate toothaches, I'd rather be in labor. Oh wait, or would I?LOL. Just sitting here enjoying the quiet. Jim is at work, Rebecca is still sleeping. I let her stay up late last night. She's usually in bed by 9pm, but she was so good last night and was watching tv so quietly I let her stay up until 11pm. And I can't believe what she was watching, not cartoons. She was all into a show on court tv. Her eyes did'nt leave the screen. When I was tucking her in at 11pm, this 4 yr old looks at me and says, Mommy I wanna be a winestigator when I get bigger. I knew what she meant,(investigator) she had her 4 front teeth removed so she pronounces words a little funny, lol.

Well, I'm feeling both nervous and anxious about today. I've been waiting a long time for this day to come. I sure do hope there's no complications with my jaw bone. That would really put a damper on things. They asked if I wanted to be put to sleep for this. I told them no way!! But only because for so many of the surgeries I had going through the Cancer I was always put to sleep to wake up and be a nervous wreck about what the surgery looked like. This time I want no surprises. I wanna know everything. My future son in law is taking me to the dentist this morning, and picking me up afterwards. His name is Dan. My daughter Emma and Dan are planning their wedding. They finally set a date which is, June 10, 2007. I'm real happy for that.

As soon as Rebecca wakes up, I'll fix her some breakfast. Then we'll get ready. We're gonna walk to my daughter Emma's. It's only 5 blocks, but it's a little up hill. Hope this body can do it. I go slow and I use my cane. I have to hold on tight to Rebecca's hand. This child wants to take off when she's outdoors.

On another note: In the future I will be adding a more involved All About Me story. My likes and dislikes, etc. And yes I will add in the recipe for the Brocolli Salad, LOL. I don't know if I'll be up to writing later today after the dentist. If I don't I will try to be on tomorrow for sure. I hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!!


  1. Hey sis, glad to hear you're finally going to get some relief. You're braver than me, I would be saying "knock me out!" LOL Tell Emma I said congrats on setting the wedding date...oh and my kids love the show Cops, can you believe it? LOL

  2. Good luck at the dentist.  I'm not so brave....they'd have to knock me out!!  Cute story about Rebecca.  If she was watching court TV, you gotta wonder how her little 4yr old mind was interpreting it.  She must be very smart!!
    Let us know how you are doing and good luck today.

  3. good luck and i hope all goes well for you:)


  4. I hope all went well at the dentist!!

  5. Praying all went well, keep us posted...hugs,