Monday, May 8, 2006

No Word Yet from Dentist

No word yet from the dentist. If the don't call by noon I'll be calling them. I woke up this morning with horrible pain in my mouth. It seems like every tooth is hurting. I have'nt eatten, yet cause I know that'll just make it worse. The hot coffee this morning nearly killed me drinking it, so I gave up on it. No Java today for me,  No No No.

Did'nt do much of anything yesterday except for the usual housework. Hubby Jim did alot though, yep he sure did, layed on couch all day with the really heavy remote flicking through channels of cartoons for Rebecca to watch. Poor thing was so tired out from all that work, LOL. He was so busy he did'nt hang my curtain rods for the new valances I got for the livingroom windows. And he thinks he's going up to the cabin next weekend? I don't think so, not until my rods are hung, lol. Tongue OutIt's so cold today. Cloudy, windy. Is it spring or is winter trying to come back brrrrrrr, I'm freezing. I was gonna walk to my daughter's today, which is only a 5 block walk, but my teeth hurt too much for that. So, I'll stay home and maybe try to get some things done. Yea, right but only if I can go without pain for a bit. Call Mr. Dentist, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm more than ready to have these teeth yanked!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Hope your teeth start to feel better. That's miserable!!  If he doesn't call call HIM!!  
    Take care, Pamela

  2. I hope your dentist calls today. There is nothing worse than teeth pain!

  3. That dentist better call soon! So sorry you're in pain, sis. :-(

  4. Oh wow, I am behind in my sorry.
    Hope you get to the dentist soon...the one pain I can't deal with is tooth pain...I am praying you get in soon Cindy...hugs and much love!