Thursday, May 11, 2006

Susie My Sister

Earlier today I was reading one of my sister's entries in her journal, and a thought came to mind on just how much she and I have in common. We not only look alike, but we think alike also. We share so many interests, and to me that's very special. As I was reading her story about her life, I cried. Susie and I share the same father, but we had different mother's. My mother passed away at the age of 32 from cervical cancer, leaving behind 6 children. I was the oldest of those 6. Anyway's I missed out on growing up with Susan and that really saddens me tremendously. But as time went on I finally had my little sister in my life and for that I'm thankful. She's not only my sister, she's my friend, and I love her so much. So thinking of the poems I had started and had posted on an online poetry site, I thought of one that I wrote that really made me feel that there's alot more Susan and I share, and that's some of our feelings about the way we grew up and live now. I wrote this poem when I found out I had cancer, but I'd like to share it, so my sister does'nt feel she's alone in her feelings or thoughts. Susan, this is for you honey, and always remember I am always here for you as I know you are for me. I love you honey!!!!!!!!


                       Lost crying confused and scared

                        Being alone, thinking no one cares

                       Empty tired no state of mind

                        These feelings here I feel are mine

                        Laughing smiling happy to see

                        These are feelings meant to be

                        Singing dancing clapping to time

                        These are feelings I wish were mine!



  1. Thank you sis, that's a beautiful poem. You're right, we do have a LOT in common. Love ya! :-)

  2. Oh you have such talent and such a HUGE heart! I am glad i have found your journal. What a wonderful thing for you to love Susan so.

    HUGS, lisa jo