Friday, May 12, 2006

My niece and her son

A few days ago my daughter and her fiance went to Virginia to pick up my niece and her 8 month old son. She wanted to escape the creep who is the father of her son. He is very abusive, both physically and mentally and also very controlling. He has beaten on my niece numerous times, and I recently found out he put the baby outdoors in the rain because he was crying, and my niece had gone grocery shopping and was'nt home to care for the baby. This guy is a real jerk. My niece has called the police so many times and they have done nothing about him. These police officer's who are sworn to protect and to serve, practically laughed in her face. They told her they did'nt see her boyfriend do these things, therefore they cannot arrest him. He's made threats against her life, and her mother's, and even the baby's life was threatened. This part of Virginia is run by a bunch of moron's in my opinion, Accomac County Virginia on the EasternShore is not a place you would want to live. I lived there for 3 years and I hated it. I even had the opportunity to tell an Accomac County Sherriff's Deputy that if he was to work in Philadelphia or New Jersey he would be fired immediately. He asked why was that, well I politely told him cause he's too slow and too stupid to work with such police officer's as they are because they got more intelligence in their pinky finger then he did in his entire body. He got in his police cruiser and left, guess the truth hurt, haha. OK, back to me niece, now this 20 yr old girl is all upset because she feel's bad about leaving and wants to go back and try and make the relationship with this jerk work. Helloooooooooo, she has got to be out of her mind. He has broken her nose, bruised her body, busted up all her belongings and he busted up this baby's crib, high chair and walker, set his son out in the rain. What more does he have to do to get this girl to realize he ain't no good. I am so worried that she's going to go back there and he's gonna beat the crap out of her so bad she'll be in the hospital or the morgue. I don't trust him and I know his family, they are just as bad as he is. My niece wants to go back tomorrow. I've tried so hard to talk her into staying, but she has her mind made up to go back there. My gutt feeling is telling me something is going to happen to her and the baby. I am afraid for both of their lives. I love my niece so much and her baby son. I've already lost one niece, who happens to be the sister of this niece. My daughter Emma has even tried to talk her into staying here, but it's not working. I feel so lost. I was even thinking maybe if I wrote to the Governor of Virginia and let him know what these so called officer's of the law are doing or should I say not doing, that maybe he can get them to handle this matter in an more appropriate way. I'm so afraid for her and that baby boy. I'd really appreciate any idea's or advice you may have to help me in this matter.


  1. praying for her and the babby


  2. You can not do a thing if this girl wants to go back, she will go back. Sounds like my mom when i was a kid and my mom is 63 and hasnt changed a bit. I am sorry it worries you so. I am more concerned about the innocent baby she doesnt care enough about to keep out of harms way.

  3. You know sis, what I would do is this, tell her if she's not concerned about her own welfare, at least leave the baby here, that way at least he won't get caught in the middle OR get hurt, God forbid. Unfortunately, she's an adult and if her mind is made up to go back to this creep, there's really nothing you can do about it...let's just hope to God that she comes to her senses soon and realizes that this man is evil. I certainly wouldn't give her any transportation back, though...if she wants to risk her life, let her find her own ride home.

    The way you told that sheriff off, you sound just like me!! LOL

  4. She's legally an adult.  There's not much you can do.  However, if you feel that the baby is in danger you can call Child Protective Services and they will go out there.  If they feel the baby is in immediate danger they will do something.  Just a thought.   Let us know how it's going.