Friday, May 5, 2006

Feeling Great

I woke up this morning feeling great for a change. Usually I wake up to all sorts of pains and discomforts. But not today. I have'nt been able to really eat anything lately due to my teeth hurting so badly. So I've just been nibbling, like a slice a bread with butter, or a few tablespoons of mashed potatoe's, sometimes some macaroni and cheese or a scrambled egg. And while getting dressed this morning I got a glimspe of myself in the mirror and I was amazed. I noticed a real shrinking of my stomach. I even had to tie the string on my sweat pants cause they slid down. Well, I know what I weighed at my last doctor's appt, so I'm gonna wait to get on the scale until after my gums are healed and my dentures are in. I'll get plenty of excercise today, cause I have my grandson Daniel for the day. His mommy and daddy need a little break. At home he wants to be held constantly by them and they can't get anything done. So, off to Mommom's he came after his doctor appt this morning. Poor lil man got a chicken pox shot today, and needless to say he did not like it. But good news is the doctor says he is a perfect little boy and very smart. He weigh's 25.2 lbs. His hair today is so curly. Happens after every bath, but today it seems to have more curls. Brown curly hair and big brown eyes with long eyelashes. I can tell already he's gonna break alot of hearts when he get's older.

My hubby is home from work today. He caught that stomach virus that's going around, yuck, better him than me, lol. My Rebecca is finishing her lunch then she'll be going to bed for a nap. Daniel is content at the moment watching Sesame Street. He is smiling and giggling. He loves that show. After it's over I'll change his diaper, then put rebecca to bed. Daniel and I will spend some time together. I have a few balls here and we'll play ball(rolling them to him). He loves to have someone to play with. I wanted to take him for a walk but his mommy forgot his stroller. So, indoor games it is.

I'm making a meatloaf for dinner. It's soft enough where I can have a slice of it. So meatloaf and applesauce for me for dinner. Maybe by the time I get those dentures I can go buy that teeny weeny itsy bitsy yellow polkadot bikini, LOL. Yea right, I don't think so. I am going to go to my primary doctor, after my dentures are in and I get the ok from my cancer doctor, and talk to my primary doctor about gastro intestinal bypass. I've been reading up on it and alot of people are very happy with the results. But with me, who knows, always something that gets in the way. The swelling of my face is starting to go down taking these antibiotics. I'm very happy with that. The sun is shining, it's 78 outside, light breeze blowing in the windows, an altogether beautiful day.

Oh yea, went to carnival last night. Got there at 6:30 and did'nt leave until 10pm. Daniel and I did'nt get on any rides, but my hubby, dan,emma,marissa and rebecca got on them all. Marissa and Rebecca played a ball game and they both won inflatable dolphins. The smiles on their faces were worth a million bucks. We all had some funnel cake, it was so good. But the powdered sugar hurt my teeth so I ate just a very small piece. I was so tired when we got home. I can't believe I stood and walked that whole time.  Spaz

I guess that's about it for news on my life right now. I'm gonna go spend some time with my lil man. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Have fun with Daniel!!  He sounds like he's a beautiful baby!  I miss having a baby to play with!

  2. Isnt it wonderful when you see a weight difference? Congrats!! Sorry to hear your DH is ill. I hope you dont catch it.
    Hugs,lisa jo

  3. Is Emma bringing Daniel tomorrow sis? I can't wait to see him, Rebecca and Marissa! My kids are excited that they are going to see their cousins again. :-)

  4. have a great weekend:)


  5. I am soglad you are feelin better and i just know thatPaul will love hearing this
    alwys know that Paul and I love you verymuch muahhhhhh
                                                 Paul & Nancy Smith heeheehee
                                                      ( SOON TO BE)