Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Sister's Package

I woke up this morning, very excited. I could'nt wait to get my sister's package all wrapped and addressed, so I could take it to the post office. Susan loves Strawberry Shortcake memorabilia so much. I found one of those 50 cents machine for kids that have toys, and low and behold one was all SS dishes. So a whole lot of quarters later I had a 5pc set for Susan. It's so cute, I hope she likes it. I wrapped it all in a SS shoebox, The shoebox is completely covered in SS. I know Susie will love it and find a use for it. Hmmm, maybe she can keep all those cell phone parts in it, lol. The new cellphone plates she got as an early birthday gift from Donna look awesome. I know my little sister is loving it.

Well, on another note, I had the catscan yesterday. At least this time that awful stuff I had to drink was'nt that bad. It was 2 big bottles of a banana smoothie. It was actually tasty, ok not too tasty, but I could stomach it better than the nasty water looking stuff I drank before, LOL. Today I have to go to the other place I had my scans done at and pick up the films from the scan I had done in November 2005. Then take those to the place I went to yesterday, so they can compare them to yesterdays scan. Geesh, wish the insurance company was'nt such a stickler for cutting costs, would of been a whole easier just to get them done at same place. But hubby's job got yet another insurance plan, so we have to use the doctor's and all they provide under their plan. But I get to keep my primary doctor and the specialists I've been going too, so that's great. And their paying 80% of my dental bill, so I guess it's actually a good plan.

Our friend Joe's mother is going back home to Swedesboro, New Jersey today. She's been at Joe's for over a week now. I'll miss her when she leaves. I really enjoyed spending time with her, and talking. She is such an elegant lady. She is loved by everyone who knows her and meets her. I'll be bored crazy not having her here. But, I know she's anxious to get home back to her own home surrounded in her own things. I can always call her to chat a while, right? Her son Joe took his Mom, me, hubby Jim and Rebecca out to dinner last night. We went to an italian place called Vilari's. Food was great, but I can't say much for the service. We waited for like an hour for our dinner's to be given to us. I got Manicotti cause I figured it would be soft to eat..........wrong! It was like chewing leather. How can a place ruin a noodle? And there was no mozzerella cheese on it. So, I ended up eatting the cheese and sauce that was on it, and the inside of this hard as a brick crusted bread. I did'nt complain though, cause it was very nice that Joe invited us out to dinner. My daughter got a kick out of a speciaal beverage Joe ordered for her. She had a Shirley Temple. When they brought it out to her, her eyes were huge and she said WOW!!!!!!!!!! It had cherries and an orange slice in it and it was all pink. She loved it!! I took a taste and oh my I found out why she loved it so much, talk about sweet, whew, pure jet fuel, lol. She was wired with energy for hours, but thank goodness she got tired later and went to bed. But all in all the night was fun. Guess that's about all there is to tell you. I should get results of catscan in about a week. Gonna be a long week for sure. Gotta get ready and go to postoffice and to pick up scan film. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I had a Shirley Temple a few times and what a treat for your daughter!! I know Susan will just be THRILLED with your awesome gift!! I hope you have a nice day.

  2. Can't wait sis, I will certainly be watching the mail!! I know exactly what you mean about insurance...every time I need a test done I have to go to a hundred different places. Wonder if I'll have to drink nasty stuff when I get my cat scans done? That's a shame that your manicotti was bad at that restaurant..if manicotti is done right, it can be awesome! I never had a Shirley Temple, that sounds great. I'll be praying about your scan results. Love ya sis! :-)

  3. Susan is going to love that gift!  How lucky she is to have such a nice sis!  Good luck on the scan results.  Can't wait to find out what they are.  Glad you had a nice time out to dinner.  It's always fun to go out.