Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dentist Appt

I went to my appt yesterday to the dentist. What an ordeal that was. The first three teeth came out with no problem, but the 4th being a wisdom tooth was a tough one. It did not want to come out. He started pulling, I screamed, arm went up and I right hooked the dentist in the eye, LOL. Hey I warned him he needed to numb it more. His eye is ok, I think. He gave me another script for antibiotic's and a script for Tylenol with codeine. 18 pills a 2 day supply? Is he crazy? I'd be all loopy and drugged up. Since the teeth were pulled I've taken  one of those pills. The antibiotic I take so to avoid infection. Anyways, I woke up this morning with no pain on that side for a change, which was awesome in my book, lol. He is doing these teeth a section at a time under advisement from my cancer doctor. It's so there's not much strain on the jaw bone and maybe avoid any serious damage. After he pulled each tooth, he also put stitches in, which I'm glad of cause there was'nt much bleeding at all. I go back May 18th to have another section pulled and the stitches removed from what I had done yesterday. I ate nothing all day yesterday until about 9pm last night. I managed to eat half a tuna sandwich. My hubby says I am just too much. He says all I've been through, pain wise and surgery and cancer treatments and I wanna be awake during all this teeth pulling. He thinks I'm nutty, lol. But when I awoke from the neck surgery and seen what had happened I was scared to death. I don't wanna go through that again. Hubby just called me, he wanted to know how I was feeling this morning. I told him I woke up to no pain this morning. He was happy about that. Then he says, chicken sounds good for dinner, lol. Guess that was a hint to take chicken out of freezer, lol. I'll be going to my daughter Emma's later today. Rebecca wants to play with Marissa. And I get to spoil my grandson. Oh he learned a new word now. He points to the steps going down to front door and says poppop. Needless to say my hubby is proud of that word said by Daniel. He's always wanted a son, but we were blessed with 2 beautiful daughter's, so we spoil Daniel as much as we can, heehee and get to give him back to parents. Well, that's what grandparents do, LOL. Gonna go now, but I hope everyone has a great day. And thank you all so much for your get well wishes and prayers. That means alot to me.


  1. I would spoil the grandson too!! Thats what they are for, right?!
    Sorry to hear about the dentist but it sounds as if it went ok, just painful. I hate my teeth and the dentist and all of it. UGH!!
    Have a good day!
    lisa jo

  2. Enjoy your grandson. Glad you are out of pain!

  3. Glad you are out of pain now.  You are very brave.  Yes, we love our little Daniel to bits as well.

  4. Glad you're getting better now after all that pain. I'm as bad as you are I love to spoil my grandson. Hahaha, his first word was NayNay for me. My daughter about died. She wanted his first word to be Momma. I thought it was funny. Take care, Chrissie

  5. I have a wisdom tooth too sis, I need to get it pulled because the gum swells around it sometimes and when that happens it causes me to bite the side of my mouth when I'm eating, which hurts like heck and pisses me off every time it happens.

    Tell everyone I said hello! :-)

  6. good for you:) you will feel so much better:) spoil that grandson lots have a good week