Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Day

  Mother's Day VaseHope everyone is having a great day today, and all you Mom's are being pampered and spoiled. My day is ok so far, got a card from my 4yr old and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our friend Joe downstairs. He's also making dinner for his mother and I. Yes, his Mom is doing much better, so much that they released her last night from the hospital. She looks really well, and has a good appetite today for a change. These two 4yr olds though are really working my nerves today. Twice already I've cleaned up their mess in livingroom. They have it in their heads that they make the mess, I clean the mess, grrrrr. Oh, and I also did the dishes this morning and cleaned the kitchen,lol.Happy Mother's Day to me. Let me not forget my morning coffee, I pour myself a cup, drink half of it, go to get dressed and return to find my cup gone and in the sink. Hubby says, Oh I thought you were finished. I looked at him and said when have you ever seen me drink a half cup of coffee and be done. Geesh, it takes me close to a whole pot before I can see straight, or want to talk to anyone, lol. He then has the nerve to tell me, I did'nt get you anything for mother's day cause 1. your not my mom and 2. just him staying home from work tomorrow and watching our 4yr old while I'm in hospital for god knows how long tomorrow getting a cat scan should be sufficient. Anyone got a big club, cause I'd like to borrow it for a minute or two, I'll give it right back, might be dented in one or two spots, but I will return it to you, LOL. But I got even with him, I told him when I get done that scan and he picks me up from hospital, we're going out to eat, cause I will be starving. He say's ok, where do you want to go, and being that I know he hates Wendy's fastfood, heehee yep I told him Wendy's. Teach him a thing or two. I'm still waiting to hear from my daughter Emma on when they'll be returning from Virginia. She was suppose to call before they left, and here it is 4:30 and no call yet. I sure do hope they return soon, cause Mommom is tired. Oh, and I almost forgot, hubby says Joe ain't having no macaronni salad or potato salad, I like that with a BBQ, sooooooooooo in the kitchen I went and made up a big bowl of macaronni salad. Is'nt Father's Day next month? I swear this family of mine is really lucky I love their sorry butts, cause if I did'nt I'd have to smack them all.

But on a happier note, my granddaughter Marissa had a loose tooth for days now, but not anymore. The apple she was eatting this morning took care of that problem. ToothFairy coming tonight. Mmmmmm, I hope dinner is ready soon, because I am starving. I've had such a relaxing day today, with cooking, cleaning, chasing after these 2 kids who say they love me and are gonna be good today, man they can lie, lol, that I've got an appetite. Well, anyways, hope your day was great!!!!!!!!!!


  Mother's Day Dessert


  1. Boy, your day is sounding like mine except I am not chasing after 2 kids. lol I had to get my own coffee this morning because daughter was sleeping and hubby working. My daughter asked me to make her some bacon so of course I cooked. I just finished cleaning the kitchen and getting ready to wash the floor. I think I am officially taking Father's Day this year. Yes, that will be my day. lol Have a wonderful evening and Happy Mother's Day. Hugs

  2. Men can be assholes. My DH is alot like yours. Jerk.
    I hope you do well at the hospital and enjoy your Wendys. I hope you have had a good Mothers Day. Enjoy that dinner being made for you!
    Hugs,lisa jo

  3. Hope you got to relax a little bit:) dh sounds like he does need to be smacked in the head! hello you gave birth to his darling children men!!!


  4. Sorry to hear that my bro-in-law didn't give you the day you deserved, hun..give him a smack from me! LOL Just kidding about the smack, of course. Good luck at the hospital sis, let me know what happens. Love ya!