Saturday, May 6, 2006

Today is the day!!!!!!!!!

 Visit My Mail Stamp! Today is the day!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeee. Gonna spend the day with my sister Susan, and celebrate her daughter S birthday. I can't wait to get there. Got 50 miles to travel there, but it's gonna be so worth it. I miss my sister, we hardly ever get to see each other. And her girls are just sweethearts. I went out shopping last night for birthday gifts for my niece S, and yes I also got her sister E some gifts too. I know I'm gonna spoil my nieces, but they are so worth it. They are just so beautiful, and I wanna see their smiling faces. First thing I'm gonna do when I get there, is give my sister a great big hug, then hug my nieces. Oh and I can't forget my brother in law, he gets a hug also. Bought four rolls of film last night. I'm taking lots of pictures. I get to meet Donna today, which is very exciting also. My hubby just left to go buy oil and an oil filter. He wants to change the oil in his car before we take the trip today. He keeps our little Toyota going and going, just like that darn energizer bunny, lol. We were thinking of trading it in and getting a mini van or an SUV, but right now with the price of gas, and beings his car is good on gas, I think we'll just keep the Toyota.

Well, I got up at 6:30 this morning. I was too excited to sleep. I feel like a little kid who's going to the carnival or something, lol. My hubby Jim keeps looking at me with a look of omg, why are you so happy? He knows I've been sooooooo looking forward to today. He said it's a real change from my other mood of being so depressed and grouchy due to all my health issues. But today is a day for celebration and I refuse to let those health issues of mine get in the way of celebrated this special day!!!!!!!! Hear that body of mine? Behave!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Well, I'm gonna go make a big bowl of Brocolli salad to bring to the party. It's one of my favorite recipes. Even my 4yr old loves it. Have a great day everyone, be safe!! 


  1. Your excitement just leaps off your page!  I am so happy for you and hope you have a wonderful visit with your sister and your neices and that the birthday is wonderful.

  2. We can't wait either sis, it's going to be really great! I should be getting dressed right now, but I'm being lazy and playing on the computer lol

  3. It sounds like you are going to have a fantastic time. I just love little girls birthday parties. That broccoli salad sounds wonderful. Maybe you can pass along the recipe. Well, have a great time. Hugs

  4. Hey i love broccoli salad!!
    i am just so happy to read that you are going to be with family today!! Good for you!! Cant wait to see the pics of the nieces and you!
    HUGS, lisa

  5. Hope you have a fun day with family:)


  6. I know you'll have such a fun day!!  When you get back....we want DETAILS!!  
    Enjoy your family....Pamela

  7. Hi Cindy!

    Came over from Susans journal.  Nice to meet you!  :)   Glad you are having a happy day!  Come by and visit!

    Enjoy the Birthday Barbeque!