Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not Another Complication?

I woke up this morning with a sore jaw, where I had the teeth removed on the bottom. I feel a lump on the jawbone. I think maybe because the wisdom tooth gave so much trouble to come out that maybe it irritated the jaw bone. I still have quite a few antibiotics for this dental work I had done so I'm back to taking it.  There's no pain, just a little soreness if I press on the lump. If it gets any worse I will call the oral surgeon and let him know. Geesh can anything ever go right when it comes to my health or body? I am actually not looking forward to going back to the dentist now, but I know it has to be done, so I will grin and bear it as the saying goes and get the job finished. Afterall, I've been looking forward to showing off the new pearly whites I'll be getting, LOL.

On another note, I think I'll stay home today and get some housework done. I went to my daughter's yesterday, so my house is somewhat in need of a cleaning. My 4yr old says she wants to help me do the dishes, oh man I better get out the mop too, cause she can make a mess. After she washes her face and hands I gotta get out the mop. Calgon, take me away, LOL And my dear darling hubby left the house this morning without making the coffee, grrrrrrrr. I'll get him for that, LOL. Hmmmm well, actually I think I did get him, I never packed his lunch last night for work today, oops. Maybe that's why there was'nt any coffee? It's ok though, I grabbed my Pepsi, LOL. I guess I'll go now and start my day. Hope you all have a great day!!!!!!!


  1. So sorry to hear you're in pain again sis...hope this will all be over soon for you. :-(

  2. sorry you are in pain! hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. I hope the lump is just a little bit of swelling.  Hope you feel better soon..........Pamela

  4. you better call the dentist and let him know amybe its just swelling but it might be an abcess