Tuesday, May 2, 2006

More Problem's

Well, went to the oral surgeon today. Found out since I've recently had Chemo and Radiation treatments there could be complications with extraction of my teeth. Dr. Sicilia informed me that I could lose my jaw due to the treatments. If he started pulling teeth it could shatter my jaw. So now he has to speak with my cancer doctor and the radiation doctor so he can find out just how high the levels of treatment were. Because if they were too high I will have to be admitted into the hospital to have the extractions done. In the meantime I'm on Pennicillin for the next 10 days, 2000mg a day. He says there's an infection in my jaw that has spread up my cheek into my right eye. He tells me a mouth infection will travel to the hottest spot of your body, which is your brain. So this one was up to my eye. He also gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin. There's 4 pills totaling 2000mg that I have to take one hour before the teeth are removed. It never fails with me. I get hit with whoppers of illnesses. Slight cold, nope not me I get phnuemonia, that's how it's been for about 20 years now. Part of getting old? Who knows! So, now I have to wait until something is decided by these three doctor's. He said maybe by the end of the week a decision will be made on what is the best way to remove these teeth. I sure hope so, cause I hate the waiting. Well, on a happier note, I'm home alone right now. Hubby is downstairs at our friend Joe's watching a movie having a few beers and my Rebecca is over her big sister Emma's for a sleepover. She's only done this once before, and she was fine with it. It was me that was a nervous wreck. But today Rebecca and Marissa got together and decided they wanted to have a sleepover, so My hubby Jim drove her down the street to my other daughter's for the sleepover. She said I packed my things Mommy for my sleepover. Yea, ok I found toys, jacks, markers, hair ribbons and her rubber frogs. Where was the clothes?, I asked her. She says I'll wear Marissa's, lol. OK my daughter is 42 pounds, Marissa is 98 pounds, don't think they fit, lol. So, I packed her a bag, which PJ's, socks, change of clothes, and under clothes also and off she went with Daddy to her sister's. So, now I'm bored, lol. This time of night I'm usually getting her ready for bed. Telling her a story and tucking her in. But she's having fun, so that's all that matters, right? She'll have her sister bring her home tomorrow morning, then she'll be all over me with hugs saying I missed you Mommy. And I'll love every hug too!


  1. Sorry to hear about your teeth.  I hope you get it all taken care of.  Glad your daughter is having such a good time.  It's always fun to have a sleep over!  Enjoy the quiet!

  2. i will keep you ion my prayers :) hope they can find away to remove your teeth without hurting your jaw gezzz louise:) have a good week


  3. i'm praying for you all thetime ....your brothewr an i both prayed very hard and had our prayers greatfully answered.......we both love you very much ....muahhhhhhhhsissy
                                                                               love ya girl.....nancy

  4. Sorry to hear about all this sis, sounds like that cancer really did a number on you in more ways than one! I'll be praying for you sis..hope Rebecca has fun over Marissa's! :-)