Monday, May 1, 2006

The ordeal of Cancer

Alot of friends I've known for years have asked me why I never wrote about the ordeal I went through dealing with Cancer. So, I decided I would write about it and just let them know where they can read about it.

I woke up one summer morning in July of 2004 and found a lump in my neck. Having so many members of my family dieing of cancer, I got scared and went to my primary doctor. He had no idea what it was, so he sent me to an ear,nose and throat specialists. I went through a needle biopsy and a few white cells were found in the results. Finding those they did a partial removal of tissue surgery. That showed nothing. In the mean time this lump was getting bigger everyday. So surgery to remove the entire mass was performed. Let me tell you, that ordeal was awful, I was horrified at the way I looked after the surgery. My face and neck were so swollen you could'nt even tell it was me. I had 2 tubes protruding from my chest with disks at the end to catch the fluid they were draining to avoid infection. My family was a nervous wreck seeing this. For 5 days I stayed in the hospital, I could'nt wait to get home. During the surgery where I was cut from behind my right ear clear around to the front of my throat, they removed 4 tumors and 4 lympnodes. One of the tumors had attached itself to my skull behind my right ear. About a month later I was told they found Hodgekins Stage 3 Lymphoma. Ok, so what is that, I asked. Cancer he said. My heart just about stopped. All I could think about was I was gonna die and my little girl would be left without a mommy. My mother died at age 32 from cancer, I was 9 years old at the time and I did not want my child to grow up without a mommy. So we started Chemo, twice a month for soooo many month's. I was so sick, in alot of pain, lost all my hair on my head and other parts of my body as well. My daughter, husband, son in law to be and his mother, and my dear friend Joe got me through it physically and mentally. My good friends from a game room on line called the Saloon were there for me whenever I needed to talk. And to all these people I am so greatful they are in my life. After the chemo was over, I had to get 20 sessions of radiation. Everyday for 4 weeks. What a hassle that was. cause the cancer center is a half hour drive each way. My skin burned, and was stinging so bad I was almost in tears at times. After the radiation was over I had a cat scan, a week later I was told I was in remission. I was so happy, I cried. I did alot of praying, was on alot of prayer lists, and I truely believe that god heard me and others. I got my hair back, wooohoooo, lol and I'm getting stronger everyday. I still have no use of my right shoulder or have no feeling in my neck due to the nerves that were cut during surgery, but none of that is important. The best thing is I beat that cancer. May 15th I go back for another cat scan. I pray it shows the cancer has'nt returned. I've never really been very religious, but after this ordeal, you bet your sweet booties I am a believer now. It's amazing how much a 4 yr old can deal with, seeing her mommy so sick. My baby was a real trooper, she was so helpful. I got hugs and kisses every day and the words You'll be ok mommy. She melts my heart at times. Well, that's about it, folks. I am here and I survived!! It's amazing how far we've come in the drug industry on curing such diseases. The Cancer Center at the Frankford/Torresdale Hospital here in Philadelphia is a very friendly place, with great doctors and an absolute wonderful hospital. Every nurse and doctor I seen was just great. Their success rate is very high. I recommend them to anyone who lives close enough to go there. Well, I'd better go now. Have a great evening all.


  1. What a battle you've endured!  I can't imagine it!  I certainly hope your check up brings good news.  Praying for ya!

  2. you have been through alot, hope on the 15th you get good news:) have a good week


  3. Wow sis, you really went through a lot with that, I had no idea it was that bad. I'm so glad you're ok now and I hope that you find out good news on the 15th. I also hope you know that I'm always here for you whenever you need to talk...that's what sisters are for! :-)

    ~ Susan

  4. Hi... I just happened to click on your journal from Susan`s links. I was diagnosed with leukemia last year. I`m glad to say I`m doing very well and have my hair back now, too! God bless you. I`m glad you`re getting better. :0)

  5. praise god and thank you jesus for sparing the life of my best fiend an sister in law

  6. I read your entry and have been going through cancer now with my is not good...but you too have been through some of the same steps she is going through now.  I am keeping good thoughts and prayers about you...I will think about you on the 15 with all good news to come your way...
    Hugs and love,