Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Rainy Day

 Angel GlitterHubby woke me up this morning to tell me he was leaving for work. I'm glad he did, cause my favorite show was on Walker, Texas Ranger. I just love that show. I watch 2 episodes in the mornings. It's on from 6AM to 8AM. It's raining again. Had alot of thunder and lightning this morning. I'm glad Rebecca slept through it, because she is so afraid of storms. As for me I love to listen to the rain and the sound of thunder. I use to sit outside on the porch (enclosed porch) and watch the storms when I lived in Virginia. And now I have to close the windows and blinds so Rebecca does'nt see it or she freaks out. One night she and I were up during a storm and the power went out, this child made a flying leap across the room and into my lap. I swear I think in a former life she was a frog or a kangaroo, lol. I put her on the couch and lit my candles, so there was light, and held her on the couch until the storm passed. She would not go to bed that night. I had to let her fall asleep, which she finally did at 2:am, then I put her to bed. Rebecca has just awakened wanting to know if cartoons were on yet. She knows I watch my show until 8:am so when I told her not yet, she knew not to argue, lol. In a little while, we are going downstairs to Uncle Joe's. His Mom is staying the whole week, so we have to stay with her and make sure she eats and takes her medication. She sometimes forgets to do so. She's also a diabetic so it's very important for her to eat and take her medicine. So, I'm gonna do a good deed and babysit Mommom I. She's a sweet lady, with so many stories to tell. She is the Mom of 3 boys and 1 girl, and a grandmother of 7 and great grandmother of 4. Everyone who meets her calls her Mommom I. The I is for her last name, Ianovale. My children and grandchildren love her very much, as do I and my hubby Jim. I would do anything to help her or for her. Well, that's what I'll be doing today. So, I'd better go now, and get Rebecca dressed and myself also. We're going downstairs after my show ends. Hope everyone has a great day, and if your on east coast, keep your umbrella handy cause your gonna need it. 


  1. hope you have a great day:)


  2. Another thing we have in common sis....I love the rain and storms too and love to sit outside and watch them. :-)

  3. Forgot to tell you sis, my S used to be afraid of storms too..would fly into a panic whenever one came around. One day I brought her to the door and showed her the storm and explained to her just what it is, just a natural thing and nothing to be afraid of, and that they're actually fun to watch. Now she loves storms!